World-first: Bio-bricks made from urine


The world’s first bio-brick made using human urine was unveiled at UCT this week. In picture are (from left) the Department of Civil Engineering’s Dr Dyllon Randall and his students, Vukheta Mukhari and Suzanne Lambert.

The world’s first bio-brick grown from human urine has been unveiled by University of Cape Town (UCT) master’s student in civil engineering Suzanne Lambert, signalling an innovative paradigm shift in waste recovery.

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Urine-soaked eggs a spring delicacy in China


A urine-soaked egg.

At the end of the school day in the eastern Chinese city of Dongyang, eager parents collect their children after a hectic day of primary school.  That is also the start of busy times for dozens of egg vendors across the city, deep in coastal Zhejiang province, who ready themselves to cook up a unique springtime snack favored by local residents.

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DIY energy drink – Astronauts drink their own urine


Converts urine to an energy drink.

The internet is full of stories that astronauts on the current shuttle mission will be testing a new system for recycling their own pee and sweat into a sugary energy drink.  But the pee-to-water converter that enables the recycling of human, or even animal, urine into drinkable water is not science fiction.


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Gilpin Whiskey Project – Whiskey Recycled from Diabetic’s Urine


Gilpin Family Whiskey

James Gilpin has Type 1 diabetes – his pancreas doesn’t work, forcing him to take shots of insulin to process glucose from food. Gilpin got to thinking about elderly patients with diabetes, like his grandmother, who secrete tons of unprocessed medicine and sugar in their urine. A great idea dawned upon him — well, perhaps it’s a gross idea but we’ll leave that up to you — and he started the Gilpin Family Whiskey project, a high end line of single malt whiskey made from the sugar-laden urine of people with diabetes. His grandmother was the first patient to recycle her pee into whiskey!


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Urine Could Hold The Key To Low Cost Energy, Say Scientists

urine for sale

Finding new uses for urine.

Urine could hold the secret to low cost energy, university boffins have revealed.

Researchers have developed a system to test whether it can be used in fuel cells as an alternative to flammable hydrogen or toxic methanol.

The work at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, concentrates on urea, or carbamide, a mass-manufactured fertiliser and major component in human and animal urine.

The new Carbamide Power System could offer a non-toxic, low-cost, easily transportable alternative, academics said…

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Bizarre Facts About … Pee!

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You pee, I pee, we all pee – but have you ever given thought to what exactly you’re flushing out of your body? In her book That’s Disgusting! An Adult Guide to What’s Gross, Tasteless, Rude, Crude, and Lewd, Greta Garbage explains all sorts of bizarre trivia about urine.

Warning: not for the squeamish. True to the title of her book, Greta Garbage’s book is like a No Holds Barred trivia book about really gross things. You’ve been warned (or if this sort of things interest you, then “urine” for a treat!)  

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Biodegradable Bag To Clean Up Kenya Slum’s ‘Flying Toilets’

peepoo-bag 132

The most important bag of the future?

Trials of a disposable toilet bag have been carried out by families in the Kenyan slum of Kibera, before it reaches the market in a few months. The “Peepoo” is a small biodegradable bag coated with a chemical which turns human waste into fertilizer.

Kibera – East Africa’s largest informal settlement – lacks sewers and suffers from poor levels of sanitation. Residents frequently use polythene bags, known as “flying toilets”, to dispose of their waste…

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Urine Test ‘Can Detect Dangerous Snoring’

sleep 1245555

Urinating on the steps is not how this test works…

A urine test that can differentiate between dangerous and safe snoring is possible, say researchers at the University of Chicago.

They looked at 90 children referred to a clinic to be evaluated for breathing problems in sleep, and 30 controls.

A number of proteins were increased in the urine of the children diagnosed with dangerous snoring.


Urinating On Tomatoe Plants Makes The Crop Four Times Larger


Gardeners keen to boost their crop of tomatoes may be surprised to learn they can turn to an unusual and free source of fertiliser.  Allotment growers can enrich the soil and therefore their plants using their own wee, according to a new study.  Scientists discovered the unusual addition made crops up to four times larger.


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Glowing Trail Of Astronaut Urine Spotted In The Night Sky Over North America


The photo actually shows a trail of urine and waste water streaming out of the shuttle Discovery.

The beautiful trail in the sky looked like a mysterious celestial event. In reality, it was urine.  Some skygazers were treated to the unexpected view of a bright sparkling glow Wednesday night, created when astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery dumped the waste out into space.


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