Here’s how long you should take off to feel productive at work again, according to study

According to the website Sleep Judge, the U.S. is one of only a few countries that doesn’t mandate a set number of vacation days.

People are overworked and burnt out, and we seem content to treat this as a fact of life. But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, the issue that Americans are so overworked — one-third of all American workers haven’t even taken a vacation in over two years — is precisely why we should be making a commitment to take more time off in 2020.

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Vail Resorts uses EpicMix app to offer crowdsourced, real-time wait times for ski lifts


Vail Resorts is trying something different on its ski slopes this winter. The resort has updated its EpicMix smartphone app to offer its crowdsourced, real-time wait times for ski lifts. The app will collect data from the RFID-enabled season passes skiers carry at the resort. It’s one of the most ambitious efforts yet to bring Waze-style crowdsourced location data into the sports and vacation spheres.

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America is the no-vacation nation

vacation at desk

The U.S. is the only advanced economy in the world that doesn’t guarantee workers paid vacation.

There’s a problem in the United States when it comes to Americans taking a vacation. Four in 10 employees offered paid time off don’t use it all, which is kind of a slap in the face to those who don’t take a vacation because they can’t afford a vacation without pay.



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More companies offering workers unlimited time off

Engaged employees who had a lot of flextime at work had a 44 percent higher level of well-being than disengaged employees with very little to no flextime.

Talent Plus, like many companies across the Midlands,  finds summer an ideal time for employees to take off.  But employees at the Lincoln-based human resources firm don’t go through the formal process of accruing their leave. They check with their manager, coordinate with others in their department and take time off from a limitless bank of days and hours. In short, co-chairman Kimberly Rath said, no questions asked, as long as the work gets done.



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Seaventures – An Old Oil Rig Turned Into a Hotel for Scuba Divers

oil rig hotel

The Seaventures Dive Resort

A onetime oil-drilling rig stands in crystal-clear waters dotted with tiny islands and their lush green hills. But most impressive is what’s underwater—an amazing array of coral reefs swarming with hundreds of species of multicolored tropical fish, sea turtles and other aquatic life. The rig has been converted to a hotel for snorkelers and especially for scuba divers.


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Tours For Teddy Bears

teddy travel photo 5432

Even stuffed animals need a holiday every now and then, according to a Cologne woman who runs a travel agency catering exclusively to teddy bears and other plush toy friends.

“It sounds crazy to many,” said trained retail saleswoman Ulrike Böhmler, admitting that she has always had a certain affection (affliction?) for stuffed animals.

She still has her first stuffed bear, a gift from her grandmother worn ragged by 35 years of cuddling. For some people, such plush toys remain a sentimental object for an entire lifetime, she says.

This kind of love inspired the mother of two to start her own business three years ago when she suddenly found herself unemployed.

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Britons Deserting Vacations Abroad and Opting for the Staycation Instead


Vacations abroad by Britons fell 15 per cent last year.

Millions of Britons are abandoning the foreign holiday for the first time since mass tourism became common in the 1970s, official figures indicate.  The number of trips abroad by British residents fell 15 per cent last year, as the financial downturn and poor exchange rates saw many families opt for so-called “staycations” at home.


Many Time Share Owners Stuck With Financial Burden


Many time share owners stuck trying to sell their time shares

For Stacey Udell, a Craigslist ad enticing her to own a piece of property in the Bahamas for $3,000 was too good to pass up.  The accountant from Cherry Hill, N.J., jumped on it, and became one of 6 million Americans who own a time share, shared vacation property that owners get to stay in for a week or so each year for life.


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Top 10 Places You Can’t Go

The Vatican Secret Archives rate high on the list.
The world is full of secret and exclusive places that we either don’t know about, or simply couldn’t visit if we wanted to. This list takes a look at ten of the most significant places around the world that are closed to the general public or are virtually impossible for the general public to visit…