Introducing the Library Vending Machine

library 2

Library vending machine in China.

By Zach Hyman: There seems to be sufficient demand and interest in China for enabling people to check out books 24 hours a day. The not-so-cheap library vending machines have taken root across both urban and rural areas, each with a very different set of needs and each bearing vastly different reputations for serving their citizens. (Pics)


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Giant car vending machine could steer people away from private car ownership

Kandi Technologies car vending machine.

The company, Kandi Technologies is based in Hangzhou, China.  They want to challenge the idea of traditional car ownership. In a country where air pollution is a serious environmental and health hazard, the company has created a giant vending machine that allows citizens to rent electric vehicles on an hourly basis. With a fleet of more than 100,000, Kandi already has plans to expand to other cities this year.



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Chef’s Farm – a vending machine that grows 20,000 heads of lettuce a year without sunlight

Lettuce vending machine

After a nuclear holocaust has blocked out the sun or rampaging zombies have taken over our farmland there is finally a device that will guarantee we can still grow vegetables in the dark. This Japanese lettuce-growing vending machinet doesn’t require sunlight (it uses fluorescent bulbs) and it can churn out a surprising yield of  lettuce: 60 heads a day, or over 20,000 a year.

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PepsiCo Introduces ‘Social Vending’ Machine Technology



PepsiCo Inc will be launching  the “social vending” machine that lets users buy each other drinks remotely.  This is  further proof that its decades-old rivalry with Coca-Cola Co is going ever-more high tech.


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Self-Service Wine Pumps Coming to U.S. Supermarkets


The 500-liter Self-Serve Wine Vendor.

It seems like we get everything from automated vending kiosks these days, from cash to DVDs to postal service to gasoline. The French have simply taken the next logical step. Putting a modern (and greener) spin on an old way of doing business, a French vendor has begun selling wine by volume from 500- and 1,000-liter vending pumps in French supermarkets. All customers need is a container.


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Swiss Vending Machines to Sell Pregnancy Tests

DAV preg

Swiss vending machines, like this one in Germany, will offer a
more discreet option for buying pregnancy tests or condoms.

Next time you shop for a chocolate bar at the train station’s vending machine, you may find a surprise.

Pregnancy tests will soon be offered on display among snacks and sodas across Switzerland, as the market leader company, Selecta, is equipping thousands of machines in train stations, offices and other public areas….

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Rollasole – Emergency Flats From a Vending Machine


Twenty-seven year old UK entrepreneur, Matt Horan, has started a company based off an ingenious idea. “After getting tired of giving my girlfriend a piggyback home every Saturday night, I had a ‘eureka’ moment,” says Rollasole founder Matt Horan of his clever invention. (Pics)


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