New protein discovery could change biotech forever

The quest started with trying to make better yogurt.

Bacteria that uses a tiny molecular machine to kill attacking viruses could change the way that scientists edit the DNA of plants, animals and fungi, revolutionizing genetic engineering. The protein, called Cas9, is quite simply a way to more accurately cut a piece of DNA.



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1 in 10 people avoid public transportation due to hygiene fears

public transportation

Many people are not aware of how often we are exposed to bacteria and viruses.

A report examining attitudes to cleanliness and general hygiene has been released to coincide with Global Handwashing Day.  One in ten people have admitted avoiding public transport and trips to the movies because of worries over cleanliness and general hygiene levels.

Major breakthrough on how viruses infect plants

plant virus 34988

CSIRO plant scientists have shed light on a problem that has puzzled researchers since the first virus was discovered in 1892 — how exactly do they cause disease?

In a major breakthrough that helps us better understand how viruses cause diseases in plants — and potentially in animals and humans — Dr Ming-Bo Wang and Neil Smith of CSIRO Plant Industry have revealed a genetic mechanism that enables viral organisms to infect hosts and cause diseases…

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‘Digital Ant’ Army Could Offer Foolproof Protection Against Computer Viruses

digital ants

Digital ants are one of the top “ten technologies that have the power to change our lives”.

Computer experst have been so inspired by how ants protect their colony when it is threatened they are currently testing a program which they say could offer foolproof protection against computer virus attacks.

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