How solar powered drones are about to transform your life

 George Bye at the DaVinci Institute’s “Night with a Futurist” talking about the future of solar powered UAVs

George Bye is the founder of Bye Aerospace, a Colorado company involved in the design of a unique solar-electric powered aircraft that use solar electric energy, stored in batteries, to drive a propeller to both fly and stay aloft for long periods of time. A special combination of technologies and design will enable the current small UAVs to maintain station, with flight endurance of 8 to 12 hours at a time – several multiples of typical aviation gasoline fuel engine UAVs. A more extreme version of this capability will be engineered into Bye’s future aircraft (both civil and defense).

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What If WiFi Networks Were Visible?

wifi2 visible 32654

WiFi Zones being visible would change your perspective.

It’s really convenient to have your own WiFi network which connects all WiFi-enabled gadgets. Routers are very cheap, as well as high speed broadband network access, thus a modern city is usually filled with hundreds of networks – of various signal strengths and various ranges. Three Scandinavian guys came out with an idea to visualize that contemporary phenomenon…

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