But how much do we actually want to see?

Video cameras and wireless technology have gotten so small, now developers at ZionEyez in Seattle are working on Eyez, a pair of glasses with a tiny embedded video camera that can continuously record everything you see in 720p, transmitting it wirelessly to social media sites for all to see…

ZionEyez is calling Eyez “a new revolution in social media technology,” allowing some exhibitionistic gadget lover to wear these video-shooting glasses that transmit their images via Bluetooth to an Eyez app on an iPhoneor Android device. From there, the video would be streamed through wireless networks to video sites online, where it could all be viewed live.

Streaming live HD video is possible, but it’s still an awfully tall order for wireless data networks circa 2011, so there’s also 8GB of flash memory on board as well as a mini-USB port, allowing users to record the goings-on and then transfer them to a computer for editing and later broadcast.

Alas, Eyez aren’t available yet, but it’s a Kickstarter project, where if enough investors are interested in funding the project, its final development will get underway (Kickstarter details here). So far, 58 backers have pledged $9,745 toward the $55,000 goal with 56 days to go.

This is fascinating. In a situation where transmission technology is dependable enough for smooth streaming, this could turn into an interesting performance-art project. Or imagine a celebrity wearing these glasses throughout the day. Maybe someday, everyone will record video of everything they do every day, and stream it live. That’s the ultimate social media.