super broccoli

Super broccoli

A new breed of the broccoli has been unveiled by British scientists that experts say packs a big nutritional punch . The new broccoli was specially grown to contain two to three times the normal amount of glucoraphanin , a nutrientbelievedto help ward off heart disease . “Vegetables are a medicine cabinet already ,” said Richard Mithen , who led the team of scientists at the Institute for Food Research in Norwich , England , that developed the new broccoli . “When you eat this broccoli … you get a reduction in cholesterol in your blood stream ,” he said .

Glucoraphanin works by breaking fat down in the body , preventing it from clogging the arteries .Itisonly foundin broccoli in significant amounts . To create the vegetable , sold as “super broccoli ,” Mithen and colleagues crossbred a traditional British broccoli with a wild, bitter Sicilian variety that has no flowery head , and a big doseof glucoraphanin . After 14 years , the enhanced hybrid was produced , which has been granted a patent by European authorities . No genetic modification was used.

It’s been on sale in select stores in California and Texas for the last year , and hit British shelves this month . Later this fall , the broccoli will be rolled out across the US . The super vegetable is part of an increasing tendency among producers to inject extra nutrients into foods, ranging from calcium-enriched orange juice to fortified sugary cereals and milk with added omega 3 fatty acids . In Britain , the new broccoli is sold as part of a line of vegetables that includes mushroomswithextra vitamin D, and tomatoes and potatoes with added selenium .

Photo credit: USA Today

Via Times of India