Scientists grow super broccoli packed with a big nutritional punch

super broccoli

Super broccoli

A new breed of the broccoli has been unveiled by British scientists that experts say packs a big nutritional punch . The new broccoli was specially grown to contain two to three times the normal amount of glucoraphanin , a nutrientbelievedto help ward off heart disease . “Vegetables are a medicine cabinet already ,” said Richard Mithen , who led the team of scientists at the Institute for Food Research in Norwich , England , that developed the new broccoli . “When you eat this broccoli … you get a reduction in cholesterol in your blood stream ,” he said .

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DIY energy drink – Astronauts drink their own urine


Converts urine to an energy drink.

The internet is full of stories that astronauts on the current shuttle mission will be testing a new system for recycling their own pee and sweat into a sugary energy drink.  But the pee-to-water converter that enables the recycling of human, or even animal, urine into drinkable water is not science fiction.


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Too Much Sugar During Pregnancy Affects Girls But Not Boys


Sugary diet during pregnancy can harm unborn girls.

Little girls may be said to be made of sugar and spice and all things nice – but they are more affected than boys by their mother’s sweet tooth when they are in the womb.  A study found that too much sugar in pregnancy can harm the nutrients reaching unborn female foetuses.


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Could Be ‘Functionally Extinct’ Within Decades


Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest living organism, is under grave threat from climate warming and coastal development, and its prospects of survival are “poor,” a major new report found.   While the World Heritage-protected site, which sprawls for more than 345,000 square km (133,000 sq miles) off Australia’s east coast, is in a better position than most other reefs globally, the risk of its destruction was mounting.


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Portable, Noninvasive Trauma Monitors

Portable, Noninvasive Trauma Monitors 

A portable, noninvasive monitor developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 

Patients with severe injuries or serious infections run the risk of circulatory shock–a life-threatening condition in which the blood can’t supply tissues with enough oxygen and nutrients. If shock is recognized in time, the patient can be resuscitated with oxygen, intravenous fluids, and medications. But catching shock early is no simple matter. A small infrared sensor currently under development at the University of Massachusetts Medical School promises to detect impending shock earlier than any other noninvasive test.

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