3d food printer

Why make your food when you can print it?

Futurist Thomas Frey talked about 3D food printers HERE and now we have a production model that can print with chocolate (and more). How awesome is that!

From Gizmodo:

Instead of the toxic smell of melted plastics, while the Imagine 3D printer is doing its thing, your workspace will be filled with the aroma of delicious confections. Because its printing head uses syringes that can be filled with chocolate…

I understand that 3D printing is probably the future of manufacturing, but until now I’ve found it kind of difficult to really get excited about the technology. However, being able to print off a chocolate bunny whenever the craving hits?—even if it’s not Easter?—now you’re speaking to my needs.

Essential Dynamics, the unfriendly sounding corporation behind the Imagine 3D, is a little vague on their printer’s capabilities. But in addition to chocolate, the syringes can also be filled with cheese, epoxy, silicone, and even concrete for creations that will last a bit longer than dessert. All for just $3,000, delivered to your door fully assembled.

[Essential Dynamics via PSFK]