The overlap between fashion and technology is growing. A recent example comes from fashion designer Ying Gao, who made two dresses that glow and wiggle around when someone glances at them. Yes, the pair of “gaze-activated” dresses love to have an audience.



“We use an eye-tracking system so the dresses move when a spectator is staring,” explains Ying Gao. “[The system] can also turn off the lights, then the dresses illuminate.”

So, the dresses “know” when they’re being watched and small motors respond interactively by moving the dresses in various directions.

The dresses are part of an installation called “(No)where (Now)here: Two Gaze-activated Dresses,” which will be appearing at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art in November 2013 and then at the Textile Museum of Canada in 2014.

Via Dvice