solar cap

Panther Vision Powercap

When you go out into the darkness then you’d better be prepared with a good durable flashlight to light up your path. However,  packing an extra flashlight may sometimes make your gear a bit heavy which can slow you down.


Unless you happen to have the cool new Panther Vision Powercap on your head which serves as a super bright flashlight. The very best thing about this cool baseball cap is the fact that it doesn’t need any batteries at all.


This neat headgear recharges through solar power instead. Just 8 hours of direct sunlight will keep the 2 LED bulbs lit up for around 10 hours. All you need is the sun on your head to juice up the flashlight for night time. The product is made out of durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and it will definitely keep your head cool while at the same time making you look extra cool as well. The Panther Vision Powercap is available for $24.99 via Panther Vision.

Via The Red Ferret