A ‘human swarm’ has figured out where Jeff Bezos should donate his money


Jeff Bezos tweeted in June that he wanted short-term, high-impact ways to do social good.

An artificial intelligence platform put 46,000 suggestions to a vote, using a method inspired by how bees swarm.

Universal access to clean drinking water was the winner.


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SEC concludes that “initial coin offerings” may be securities


After an investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission has concluded that organizations offering or selling digital assets using blockchains or distributed ledgers may be subject to securities laws, depending on the circumstances. This includes “initial coin offerings” (ICOs), a recently popularized crowdfunding method by which an organization issues virtual currencies or tokens.

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7 cryptocurrency predictions from the experts


Fortune convened some top cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, and others to chat about the future of digital money at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. last week. A select group met at the Aspen Institute for a breakfast roundtable discussion on Wednesday morning.

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BARCLAYS: Amazon is probably going to be one of the first ‘trillion-dollar’ companies (AMZN)

Amazon’s stock price has been on a tear over the last year, gaining 46%.

A Barclays equity research team led by Ross Sandler thinks that the party may just be getting started, initiating coverage of the stock with $1120 price target, or 29% upside.

In a flurry of notes released from their Internet & Media desk on March 29, Barclays picked Amazon as one of their favorites in the sector and made the case for the stock’s market cap to reach one trillion dollars.

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This Kenyan Startup Uses Mobile Phones To Build Credit For Farmers

If you want to help the world’s poorest, help them to farm. So says Bill Gates, and it makes sense. More than three-quarters of the poorest live in rural areas and most are smallholder farmers working less than two acres. They often lack the seeds, machinery, livestock, and finance they need to grow, so they struggle to emerge from poverty.

Two young entrepreneurs from Kenya have an idea to help: FarmDrive develops credit histories for farmers, so they become more attractive to financial institutions offering loans. So far, they’ve signed up more than 3,000 farmers on their mobile-based platform. In 2016, working with a financial partner, they helped disburse about $130,000 in loans to 400 farmers.

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Blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer


As our desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc. stand idly by for a huge portion of the day, the need for computing resources is growing at a fast pace. Large IoT ecosystems, machine learning and deep learning algorithms and other sophisticated solutions being deployed in every domain and industry are raising the demand for stronger cloud servers and more bandwidth to address the minute needs of enterprises and businesses.

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Futurist Thomas Frey predicts farming drones, driverless streets

What will Iowa’s farms look like when the combines and tractors drive themselves?

How will Des Moines’ banking and insurance sectors fare when supercomputers run financial markets?

Where will Iowans live when a self-driving car can take them anywhere with the tap of a smartphone?

These are the kind of questions Thomas Frey ponders.

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