Wearable Robotic Arm

Wearable Robotic Arm 


Paraplegics and the elderly often face problems with their joints and muscle movements. When stuck to bed owing to their illness, patients tend to develop contraction of muscles that could be irreversible, and regular range of motion exercises through physiotherapy is the only alternative left. There are a few muscle and joint extractors available to assist, but Tail-wrist-II seems to be a novel makeover in the category. Developed by Hideyuki Tsukakoshi, assistant professor of Mechanical Control Systems at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Tail-wrist-II is designed to prevent contraction of muscles and joints.

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Smart Camera That May Someday Be A Robot’s Eye

Smart Camera That May Someday Be A Robot’s Eye 

 Matrox Iris GT Camera

Wondering what Montreal-based Matrox has been doing since it conceded the graphics card wars to NVIDIA and ATI a few years ago? Besides building lots of great video editing equipment, the company has been working on Iris GT, a smart camera that’s packed with processing power and might just be a body part of our future robot overlords.

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Dance Machine


And You Thought Bad Cell Phone Ring Tones Were A Distraction At Work

Sometimes you just get the urge to dance. Problem is, last time you had that urge you came out of your Saturday Night Fever daydream and found all of your cubicle mates staring at you. Now you’re known as “that guy who shakes his ass”. There’s a better way my friends.

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Helios Off-Roader


Taking off-road travel to another level

Helios was clearly inspired by the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Helios is a concept design for an off-road electric solar-powered vehicle. When you take a break from your off-roading and stop the vehicle, the car will spread its “wings” which are made of photovolatic panels, in order to capture the sun’s rays and charge up the battery.

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Robotic Office Chair


Robotic Chair

Called the Leopard, Japan’s Oki Electric Industry Company and Okamura Corporation have developed a robotic chair that will rise up to meet you as you sit. It’s based off of a robotic set of legs the duo developed that better simulates jumping for bipedal ‘bots. The chair doesn’t jump, but it will tilt to cuddle you, bringing both the seat and the backrest in to greet you. It’ll also gently push you upward when it feels you stand.

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Ship That Looks Like A Robotic Killer Whale


 The Sea Phantom

Maritime Flight Dynamics wants to make high speed travel on the seas practical, safe, fuel-efficient and hell, while they’re at it, comfortable too. Their vehicle of choice? The SeaPhantom. It’s fast enough to get you from Key West to Cuba in 45 minutes! It uses an airfoil to fly above the crests of the waves, thus reducing drag.

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