Autonomous trucks drive themselves across Europe


Volvo, Daimler, and other manufacturers sent about a dozen trucks across Europe. These mostly autonomous vehicles set off from their bases in europe, some traveled more than 2,ooo km and 4 borders, to reach their destination. The first major exercise of its kind in Europe.

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Driverless Car race gaining momentum


Self driving cars are becoming very popular. So popular that now over 30 companies are trying to make driverless vehicles.  The companies were identified using CB Insights’ investment, acquisition, and partnership data. Apple, Google, and Uber are among the tech heavyweights looking to cash in on autonomous cars, while traditional automotive firms like Audi, BMW, and Daimler are also investing in research.

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A Michigan City is Participating in Toyota’s Connected Car experiment


The streets of Ann Arbor Michigan will have 5000 connected cars roaming the streets. These cars will communicate wirelessly with each other as well some infrastructure in an experiment to make autonomous cars a reality. Toyota is partnering with Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute on the project. Drivers who particpate have small data collecting boxes installed near the rear windshield and on the roof. The equipment transmits speed and position to other participating vehicles, infrastructure, and research equipment alongside some of the roads.

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A Way to Make Any Tractor Autonomous


The company the Autonomous Tractor Corporation, which invented the autonomous, and cab-less tractor Spirit in 2013, has developed an aftermarket package to turn any tractor, no matter the brand, into an autonomous vehicle. The package is called AutoDrive, a safety navigation and implement management system that allows for autonomous operation. It taps into the electronics onboard the tractor and, using sensors, lasers, radio signals and artificial intelligence software, takes over the controls, without the need for a driver.

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Top 5 car technologies that may become reality in the near future

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We live in an era where new technologies are appearing so fast that it is hard to follow all the new developments. But, personal transportation, the one most often associated with speeds and progress, so far remained largely untouched by the revolution in digital tech – when compared to what happened to communications in the last couple of decades, car remained pretty much the same. However, we already see the first portents of approaching changes – so let’s take a look at car tech that may become reality in not so distant future.

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Toyota plans to have self-driving cars on the road by 2020


Japanese car maker Toyota announced this month that it has planned to have self-driving cars commercially available by 2020 — the same year Nissan, General Motors and Google plan to have autonomous vehicles on the road.

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By 2025 autonomous cars could eliminate millions of jobs and reshape our economy


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