Replacement blood vessels may be woven from bio-yarn



Blood vessels made from the yarn should reportedly be tolerated by all patients

When a damaged blood vessel has to be replaced, it’s important that the replacement be well-tolerated by the body. And while bioprinted blood vessels are one possibility, French scientists are now working on weaving the things out of collagen yarn.

Led by researcher Nicolas L’Heureux, a team at the Inserm institute – aka the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research – started by lab-cultivating human cells, which in turn produced extracellular matrix deposits that were high in collagen. The extracellular matrix is the three-dimensional network of macromolecules that surrounds the body’s cells, helping to keep those cells structurally and biochemically supported.

Sheets of the lab-grown matrix deposits were next cut into very thin fiber-like strips, forming the yarn. It can be woven, knitted or braided, and has already been used to create vascular grafts (implantable tubes for redirecting the flow of blood). Those grafts exhibited “burst pressure, suture retention strength and transmural permeability that surpassed clinical requirements.”

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We can now grow perfect human blood vessels in a lab

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The latest game changer in diabetes research might not be a new drug or a therapy. Instead, it could be a system of human blood vessels virtually identical to the ones currently transporting blood throughout your body.

What makes these blood vessels special is that they are the first ones grown in a lab — and they’ve already generated a new lead in diabetes treatment.

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3D printers now pumping out artificial blood vessels


Yet another 3D printer use.

If you’ve been following tech news then you know that 3D printers are capable of some pretty amazing things. At the entry level these printers are becoming drastically more affordable and more accessible, and at the professional level they are accomplishing feats that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. The latest science fiction-like advance in 3D printing is one that could have a significant impact on our health and well-being, as opposed to our gadgets: scientists in Germany have printed artificial blood vessels…

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