The secret global network of private super jewelers


An elite group of artists are growing in influence and reach. Here’s the key to cracking their codes.

Pictured above: Hemmerle emerald, agate, and sapphire necklace; diamond and bronze bangle, and earrings, all with ancient Egyptian faiance amulets.

I call them the Super Jewelers. They create only a limited number of one-of-a-kind pieces. They sell only by appointment. They work with the rarest of stones and the most innovative of materials, and for only the most discerning of people. Their names are spoken frequently by those fluent in the secret language of jewelry snobs, but otherwise they are purposefully unknown.

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How much major music streaming services pay artists: Infographic


Artists have been at odds with streaming music services over the royalties they receive since Spotify arrived on the scene in 2011.  And now that Apple Music has entered the music streaming wars, the question of how much each music service pays artists is as rife as ever. But without a clear explanation of who’s paying what, it’s easy to find yourself using Taylor Swift as a barometer of artist fairness.

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17 new ideas on Kickstarter that are worth millions

Pebble is the most funded Kickstarter project of all time.

Entrepreneurs and artists can post ideas and raise money from other users on Kickstarter. No project had ever raised $1 million on the platform before 2012.  But, in the last 12 months, 17 projects exceeded 9-figure fundraises on Kickstarter.



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New tarriffs on music approved in Canada


Wedding costs in Canada will double if you dance.

The Copyright Board of Canada reviews copyright tariffs for various collection societies (like ASCAP and BMI in America, which collect performance licensing fees from venues).  They have just approved a new set of fees to cover recorded music at a bunch of different live events. Karaoke bars, conventions, parades, weddings and several other classes of event—which already pay fees to SOCAN, which represents songwriters—will now begin paying additional tariffs to collection society Re:Sound, which represents recording artists and labels.

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Despite slow economy concert business is booming


Bono and his U2 bandmates have pulled in $85.8 million on their 360 tour.

The concert touring business is enjoying a healthy comeback this year after struggling in 2010.  Despite the slow economy acts like U2, Kenny Chesney, Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga are bringing in concert goers.


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YouTube Enlists Help for Music Rights Management


YouTube gets help keeping up on all the music it deals with.

YouTube has just sealed a deal with RightsFlow, a music publishing rights management company.

RightsFlow today announced an agreement with YouTube to assist with music rights management. The deal allows YouTube to enlist RightsFlow’s help in processing and managing music rights, and it should help the online video company to make rights administration a lot faster and simpler, which would in turn drive royalties for rights-holders, including publishers and songwriters…

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Music Sales in U.S. Fell 2.4% in 2010; Digital Music Accounts for 46% of Purchases

katy perry

A top-selling digital song of 2010 was “California Gurls” by Katy Perry (4.4 million).

U.S. music sales fell 2.4% in 2010 to 1.5 billion units, as CD sales plummeted nearly 20% while digital track sales were up just 1%, according to a report from Nielsen and Billboard. Digital track sales were 1.17 billion in 2010, up from 1.16 in 2009. While CD sales fell precipitously last year, digital album sales rose 13% to 863 million. The report notes that digital music accounted for 46% of all U.S. music purchases in 2010, up from 40% in 2009 and 32% in 2008, and digital track sales broke the 1 billion sales mark for the third straight year.

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