Dubai sets its sights on 3D printing 25% of its new construction by 2030

Cazza 3d

Starting as a niche technology, 3D printing has been around for a long time. And talk of how this technology could transform the construction industry, largely theoretical, has long circulated, too. But now, thanks to young entrepreneurs Chris Kelsey and Fernando De los Rios, we can expect to see 3D printing robots on building sites rather than hundred of masons in Dubai, and around the world.

The Silicon Valley-based duo has joined forces with the Dubai government, which has set a target for 25% of buildings to be 3D-printed by 2030 in the emirate.

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Top 14 architectural trends for the future

architectural-trends 1

How do you envision the future of architecture?

The great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright said, “every great architect is — necessarily — a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”  His visions of harmonious design and innovating urban planning amounted to his own brand of organic architecture. We’d argue that Wright wasn’t just an interpreter of his time — he was able to foresee the needs and desires of ages ahead of him. The architect is — necessarily — a visionary capable of seeing into the future. (Pics and videos)



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Simple device designed to pull sunlight down to dark city streets

urban lighting

A plastic panel that can harvest light when it hangs off the edge of a rooftop, redirecting sunshine down into dark urban streets below.

Cities keep getting taller as they run out of buildable space.  A record number of skyscrapers are planned in London, places like Bangkok and Panama City have dozens of new towers under construction, and Mumbai is building more skyscrapers than anywhere else in the world.



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New York City’s billion dollar megaprojects that will transform the city by 2030

St. George outlet mall and observation wheel: $580 million

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s reign is coming to a close. He is talking up his next move, which involves teaching other cities to be more like New York. But behind the scenes, he’s also scrambling to push through dozens of building projects that will define his legacy. (Photos)

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Future cities will have buildings that can think and breathe

Masdar City will use solar energy and other renewables , and will be car-free.

Mankind is rethinking how we build the structures we live and work in which is changing the way our cities look and feel.  According to architect Philip Beesley, our cities of smooth stone and steel may become more like floating forests – with buildings that can think and breathe and cool themselves.



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World’s first “printable house” right around the corner

Eventually, everything will become a canvas.

Someone will make the world’s first ”printable house” within the next year. ”It might not be a very good house but it will go down in history,” says American futurist Thomas Frey, author of the prediction and a speaker at the Creative Innovation conference in Melbourne next week. ”Eventually, we’ll be ‘printing’ 30-storey buildings – and huge replicas of, say, the Statue of Liberty to put on top.”



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Birds in cities sing at higher pitch: study


“Because sounds bounce and travel in different ways, birds have to use songs that can cope with this”.

Birds living in urban areas sing at a higher pitch to reduce the impact of echoes from surrounding buildings, a study claims. Higher-pitched songs travel further in built-up areas because their echoes fade more quickly, meaning the following notes are clearer and easier to pick out.

20 Creative Billboard Ads


Special Poster for “Oldtimer”, a big Austrian chain for motorway rest stops.
(Advertising Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria)

Adertisers want to catch a person’s attention and create a memorable impression.   Billboard advertisements do just that.  They leave the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it.  They need to be readable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at high speeds.  Usually they have only a few words in large print and are humorous or have arresting images in brilliant color.  (Pics)


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