Leading a digital transformation by learning to code

learn to code

Leaders reach their positions by mastering yesterday’s and today’s business. Almost by definition, they don’t have first-hand experience with a disruptive shift in their market when they encounter it. A lack of intuition around the new and different can at best slow progress and at worst lead to serious strategic missteps.

NOTE: For those wanting to enter the programming profession, DaVinci Coders is currently accepting applications for Jan-Feb courses. Small class sizes so seating is limited.

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Colorado’s First Micro College for Learning Programming Skills

When it comes to landing a high-paying entry level position, young people have very few options without spending tons of money on college. And even then, unless they get engineering degrees from top tier schools, the odds are against them. But now young people have a faster, cheaper option.

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Where to Start in Learning How to Code


Computer science is a booming industry in the US — and it pays extremely well. There’s always demand for sharp, talented engineers, which is why learning how to code can seem like an attractive option.

But, as is the case with any new skill, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few steps you should take early on and programming languages that are best-suited for beginners.

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Top 7 reasons you need to learn reactive programming

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22 percent growth in programming jobs in by 2020.

Steve Jobs said, in the now infamous “Lost Interview,” “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” We all know that learning to code is one of the most hyped skills right now – and for good reason, considering the insatiable demand for developers.

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Why software developers are like artists

A team at MuleSoft created a video a few weeks ago describing what it’s like to be a developer at the company. James Donelan, VP of engineering at MuleSoft, noted in the video how developers are like artists. There are many reasons why there are similarities between developers and artists. These perceptions are based on observations in the workplace and personal experience, too.

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Codementor: An open marketplace where developers can ask experts for one-on-one programming help


All programmers are familiar with this scenario: you are coding alone, only to have something go wrong and no one to ask for help. Codementor wants to help developers by providing an open marketplace where they can ask experts for one-on-one programming and design help.


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Why mobile apps get rejected from the Apple app store

There are nine surprising reasons an app might get rejected from the Apple app store.

To keep the app ecosystem healthy, the Apple App Store review process is designed to protect users from low quality or hostile apps.  It works for the most part.  Sometimes an app rejection might not be for the reason you might expect.  Sometimes it can force developers to rush to push back their launch date or maybe even redevelop key features.




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13 Story Building In China Toppled Over Almost Intact

building collapse1

The collapsed building is one of 11 in the complex

In June of 2009 a truly bizarre news story surfaced. A nearly finished, newly constructed building in Shanghai toppled over, killing one worker. As can be seen in the photos, the 13-story apartment building collapsed with just enough room to escape what would have been a far more destructive domino effect involving other structures in the 11-building complex. (Pics)

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Who Was Del Webb?

Del Webb 874

Del Webb had friends in high places and low, and was not yet sure where he should count Ben Siegel, his new client. Webb, a Phoenix construction man with a can-do reputation, had taken on an unfinished Nevada hotel as a favor to a banker friend with serious money at stake. Before he knew it he found himself bound by contract to a man of doubtful repute.

And before very long, Siegel would remove all doubts. Siegel bragged that he had personally killed 12 people. Now another mob figure was getting under his skin. “I’m going to kill that S.O.B. too,” Siegel added.

Webb’s face must have reflected his shock, for Siegel then reassured him:

“Del, don’t worry. We only kill each other.”

Webb walked a thin and dangerous line with Siegel, but it was all in a life’s work. Construction contracting was inherently risky. Somebody in his company once pointed out that it was a business where things do not even out. Bid too low, you lose money. Bid too high, you don’t even get the job.

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