America’s most & least trusted professions

When it comes to honesty in the workplace, some professions have a better reputation than others. For example, some people might question a doctor’s honesty or ethics when it comes to a diagnosis or blame the salesperson when a newly purchased used car breaks down after 20 miles on the road. That begs the question: what professions do American trust the most and the least today? Gallup delved into the issue and released an interesting poll about honesty and ethical standards in the workplace in late December. Once again, nurses are top of the honesty league and they have been there for 17 years in succession.

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AI-Human “hive mind ” diagnoses pneumonia


First, it correctly predicted the top four finishers at the Kentucky Derby. Then, it was better at picking Academy Award winners than professional movie critics—three years in a row. The cherry on top was when it prophesied that the Chicago Cubs would end a 108-year dry spell by winning the 2016 World Series—four months before the Cubs were even in the playoffs. (They did.)

Now, this AI-powered predictive technology is turning its attention to an area where it could do some real good—diagnosing medical conditions.

In a study presented on Monday at the SIIM Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging in San Francisco, Stanford University doctors showed that eight radiologists interacting through Unanimous AI’s “swarm intelligence” technology were better at diagnosing pneumonia from chest X-rays than individual doctors or a machine-learning program alone.

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U.S. intends to make public drug company payments to doctors despite calls for delay

doctors payments

The database is part of the government’s “Open Payments” program.

Scores of doctors’ groups have called for postponement, but the Obama administration intends to stick to its 30 September deadline for making public a database detailing payments and gifts from the drug industry to US physicians, a spokesperson for the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said on 15 September.



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Eight facts that explain what’s wrong with health care in America


Obamacare is not universal health care.

If the American health care system were to break off from the United States and become its own economy, it would be the fifth-largest in the world. “It would be bigger than the United Kingdom or France and only behind the United States, China, Japan and Germany,” says David Blumenthal, executive director of the non-profit Commonwealth Fund. Here are eight facts that support reality.

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Blue Cross makes a $65B bet on value-based medical care

value based care

The traditional fee-for-service approach to medicine that can lead to overtreatment and unnecessary medical tests and procedures.

The country’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans say they are spending more than $65 billion annually, about 20 percent of the medical claim dollars they pay, on “value-based” care that rewards better outcomes and keeps patients healthy. This is the latest blow to fee-for-service medicine.



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Doctors cannot compete with machines: Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla, venture capitalist, thinks the best way to improve health care is to get rid of most doctors. Human judgment simply cannot compete against machine-learning systems that derive predictions from millions of data points, Khosla told an audience last week, the final day of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Big Data in Biomedicine Conference.



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More than 10,000 toddlers in the U.S. are prescribed ADHD drugs


Doctors could be offering children dangerous prescriptions that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers have found that doctors are prescribing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication to more than 10,000 American toddlers between the ages of two and three.



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Eight Reason Why Future Computers will make better Decisions than Doctors

…and eight reasons why we will still need doctors

Futurist Thomas Frey:  “2014 will be the year the ’quantified self’ goes mainstream.” Those were the words Silicon Valley prodigy Marc Andreessen used in a recent article to describe changes about to happen to American healthcare.



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