Germany requires all gas stations to provide EV charging


As part of Germany’s new increased electric-vehicle incentive package, the country will require gas stations to offer EV charging. Details about the plan are not yet known, such as the timeline and type of required chargers. But EV advocates quickly praised the move as a boost to electric-car adoption.

BDEW, Germany’s association for energy and water industries, believes that at least 70,000 charging stations and 7,000 fast-charging stations are required to achieve a mass market for EVs in the country. BDEW reports that there are currently about 28,000 stations in Germany.

According to Reuters, electric cars made up only 1.8% of new passenger car registrations last year in Germany, with diesel and petrol cars accounting for 32% and 59.2%, respectively.

New German EV incentives double existing subsidies to €6,000 ($6,720) on electric vehicles costing up to €40,000 ($44,800). Germany will also implement higher taxes for fuel-thirsty, internal-combustion SUVs.

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Ubitricity will start converting lampposts into EV charging stations


Ubitricity is a company out of Germany and their plan to convert lampposts to EV charging stations is underway. Ubitricity is currently using London lampposts that have been previously converted to LED lighting to also charge commuter EV vehicles. EV owners simply need to purchase a custom charging cable from Ubitricity that contains a meter that will track the user’s power usage and charge them appropriately. Don’t expect to just walk on up and plug anything you want into the charging port as the custom charging cable is what activates the port. No custom charging cable, no juice.

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Japan to Build 10,000 EV Charging Station/Vending Machine Hybrids by 2012


Japan has a fascination with vending machines.

Japan is notorious for its fascination with vending machines — as of 2008, there were 5.5 million of them across the nation. And these aren’t merely the candy bar and soda variety, either — Japan has vending machines that sell live crabs, grow lettuce, are covered in moss, and dispense smart cars. And by this time next year, it will have 10,000 vending machines that charge electric cars.

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