Sneak Peek: George Lucas’ Future Museum

first-look-the-george-lucas-museum-is-a-pyramid-from-the-future h8g75d

Isolated, the words all sound so cliché. Organic. Flowing. Curvy. But set to the backdrop of Chicago’s blocky skyline, they assemble a brash thesis on the city’s future: The new George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is a low-slung knoll inside a landscape of towering Lego, an Egyptian pyramid reimagined for the year 2020.

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Hollywood on track for a ‘massive implosion’ by the tech industry: Lucas and Spielberg

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg aren’t so keen on the future of the film industry. Lucas and Spielberg agreed at a talk at USC that it’s on track to have a “massive implosion”. At the core of their argument: there just isn’t enough time in the day for consumers to support all the films released in theaters. Films are competing with all the content and options that the Internet provides.



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George Lucas Underground Volcano Lair




Ranch why not build his own death star to reside

Every evil genius needs a lair from which the run all of their daily affairs: everything from selecting the color of the company letterhead to plotting world domination. Usually these are hollowed-out mountain fortresses, secret inactive volcano lairs, or undersea secret bases. Because if you’re going to do something on such a massive scale, why not it with a little style and panache? Continue reading… “George Lucas Underground Volcano Lair”