Microsoft’s tech can make your hologram speak another language


This exec doesn’t speak Japanese — but it sure looks like she does.

You no longer need to speak another language to look like you’re fluent in it — to anyone, anywhere.

On Wednesday, Microsoft executive Julia White took the stage at the company’s Inspire partner conference to demonstrate how it’s now possible to not only create an incredibly life-like hologram of a person, but to then make the hologram speak another language in the person’s own voice.

This demo was possible thanks to a combination of two existing technologies — mixed reality and neural text-to-speech — and it foreshadows a future in which tech greatly diminishes existing barriers in human communication.

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UBS digitally clones it’s chief economist so he wouldn’t miss his meetings

Swiss Bank UBS Agrees To Turn Over 4,000 Plus Account Names

UBS Chief Economist Daniel Kalt is in very high demand. So, the Swiss investment bank decided to clone him, digitally at least. Now through a rendering captured by more than 120 high-definition cameras in over a full day of shooting, the company can have Kalt (or at least his likeness) meet with multiple clients at a time via interactive video chat, without ever even stepping foot in the conference room.

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World’s first ultrasonic tractor beam can lift and transport objects


Holograms are images that seem to jump out of a flat surface, full of depth that you can experience through perspective changes and parallax cues. The three-dimensional effect that a hologram creates comes from the three dimensional light field that’s created when photons diffract through the interference pattern on a holographic plate. It’s essentially a structure made of light that gets projected out into space when the seemingly random pattern of features on the plate interact with each other.

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Ostendo Technologies chip to bring holograms to smartphones

ostendo chip

Ostendo chip that can produce a hologram

Virtual reality won’t require strapping a bulky contraption to your head in the future. Instead, you may just step into an empty room and then suddenly seeing life-size, 3-D images of people and furniture. Or look down at a smartwatch and see virtual objects float and bounce above the wrist, like the holographic Princess Leia beamed by R2-D2 in the movie “Star Wars.”



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Giant holograms offer medical students more memorable classes

The project’s creators say their “holograms” are more memorable than two dimensional slides.

Two London-based junior doctors have pioneered a system which uses an illusionary effect to help medical students master their subject.



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The Future of the Visual Arts


ABC’s Weekend Breakfast with Andrew Geoghegan

Futurist Thomas Frey:  On Nov 26-28th, I will be speaking at the Creative Innovations 2012 event in Melbourne, Australia. The theme of the conference will be “Wicked Problems, Great Opportunities! Leadership and courage for volatile times.”



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