These 6 skills cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence


An interior view shows a self-driving car owned and tested by Yandex company during a presentation in Moscow, Russia August 16, 2019.

Self-driving cars will eliminate many jobs.

Mass unemployment will occur because of robotics and AI.

Hospitality, management and creativity cannot be substituted by AI.

We need to acquire and refine more sophisticated abilities in these areas.

The COVID-19 crisis is going to accelerate a number of changes and transformations in human society. Notably, the pandemic is expected to significantly accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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A look into the future of hospitality and coworking

coworking hotel

What if you could book a room at a hotel where you choose your actual room, when you first book the space. It would be similar to choosing a seat on an airline seating chart. The difference is that instead of choosing a window or an aisle, you choose high or low floors, close proximity to the elevators, your preferred bed configuration, and even your room category, depending on size and view: “Smart Street,” “Smart Garden” or “Smart Maisonette” (two-level suite). Welcome to the Hotel Schani in Vienna, Austria!

If you’re looking for a refreshing new coworking community to join, check out the futurist tech community at the DaVinci Institute in Westminster, CO.

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How the collaborative economy will change the way we travel


Airbnb doesn’t need to build or own inventory, it facilitates access to existing assets, such as spare rooms, holiday houses, entire islands or treehouses.

At the annual Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals conference (HITEC) in Los Angeles, Rachel Botsman, Founder of Collaborative Labs, talked about how the collaborative economy will transform the hospitality ecosystem. She was talking to a group whose sector was getting hit hard and fast by the ideas she was going to share. How do hoteliers really feel about Airbnb?



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What mobile features travelers want most from hotels


74% of all travelers surveyed were open to having hotels proactively enhancing their stay.

The iPhone was launched less than seven years ago, yet we tend to forget how life was ‘before’ the advent of smartphones. Social media has flipped the power from brands to travelers, with review sites now common and influential in the decision-making process. Not to mention everyday access to increasing amounts of content and services now accessible via tablets and smartphones 24/7, anywhere in the world. How are hotels embracing thia change?



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