The secret global network of private super jewelers


An elite group of artists are growing in influence and reach. Here’s the key to cracking their codes.

Pictured above: Hemmerle emerald, agate, and sapphire necklace; diamond and bronze bangle, and earrings, all with ancient Egyptian faiance amulets.

I call them the Super Jewelers. They create only a limited number of one-of-a-kind pieces. They sell only by appointment. They work with the rarest of stones and the most innovative of materials, and for only the most discerning of people. Their names are spoken frequently by those fluent in the secret language of jewelry snobs, but otherwise they are purposefully unknown.

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Biometric ring to replace your passwords, cards and keys

Biometric Password Ring 1

Smart rings aren’t a new idea: There are plenty of fitness tracking, notification-sending, payment or even protective finger ornaments around. But none have the ability to identify you and authorize your transactions wherever you go. That is, until Token hits the market. It’s a biometric ring that can be used to open house doors, start cars, make credit card transactions and sign in to your computer.

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Ringly and MasterCard announce partnership to allow customers to pay with smart jewelry


You are about to have another option at your fingertips to pay for things.  Last week, the smart jewelry company Ringly announces a partnership with MasterCard that will allow you to pay for items with the tap of a ring. (Video)

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Necklissi – One of a Kind Jewelry that Decorates Your Neckline


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

A Necklissi™ is patented Necklissi™ jewelry that decorates your neckline with a stunning Necklissi™ accessory. We have always had pins, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets but now there is a concept so original it has been patented. (Pics)


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Bottle Top Art Creations


Bottle Tops Revisited


Most of us normally discard the bottle caps as its of no use to us. But if you ask Yoav Kotik, then the use can be quite interesting and useful. Artist Yoav Kotik is the designer of the “Precious Metal” jewelry line. Using beverages’ caps, he creates these wonderful designs; his interesting and unique jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and more.
He is a graduate of the ‘Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design’, and he leads Master classes in the field of sculpture and design in recycled material in academic institutes such as the ‘Shenkar Academy Of Design, the ‘Bezalel Academy’, and the ‘Wizo Academy’.

(more art after jump…)

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Tokyoflash Bluetooth Necklace Design Survey


Jewelry of the Future?

The fine folks at Tokyoflash are asking visitors to participate in a design process by giving feedback and opinions to help with the development of Bluetooth necklaces that let you connect wirelessly to your cell phone or computer (to let you answer the phone handsfree while driving or chat on Skype without having to sit down at the computer).

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Growing Jewelry


Wait till you see the mouth moss grills…

Last I checked basic jewelry offers a vast multitude of stylish, and some not-so-stylish, rings for consumers to choose from. We have promise rings, mood rings, earrings, engagement rings, wedding rings, class rings, Lord of the Rings (yes, Gollum’s “precious” is available to purchase). But now, thanks to Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson (try to say that five times fast), we now have … moss rings. Continue reading… “Growing Jewelry”


Vibrating Body-Piercing Jewelry


As If Piercing Itself Wasn’t Painful Enough

In addition to a vibrating motor unit and housing for same, US Patent# 6865907 also known as the Vibrating Body-Piercing Jewelry invention also comes with a clamping device for holding the item onto the wearer’s body, a power source for operating the vibrating motor and an actuator for the unit (a device that performs in response to a signal from a computer). This 2005 invention is powered by a battery and operated by a small vibrating power unit.

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iBangle: Self Sizing Bracelet


 The Stylish New iBangle

 It might take a few years (or decades) for this iBangle design concept to end up on your wrist, but for the time being, we can stare in astonishment at its ambitious design. You see that blue inner band? Push a tiny button on the side and it fills with air, expanding to fit snugly around your wrist. (Pics)


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Counterfeit Proof Watch: No Way To Fake It


Counterfeit Proof Watch

 If you forked over $50,000 for a fancy Swiss watch, it would be pretty annoying to see your neighbor Vinny flashing around a knock off version that he bought at the flea market for $50. Here in New York City you’ll find plenty of places in Midtown or down around Canal Street, where you can get a “Rotex” that looks kind of like the real thing as long as you don’t get too close. For those willing to spend a little more for their phony bling, you can even get replicas that require an expert’s eye to reveal their deception. (Pics)


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