15 powerful things happy people do differently


Happiness has to be allowed.

What is the difference between happy people and unhappy people? Of course, it may be very obvious, happy people are happy while unhappy people are unhappy, right? Well, that is correct, but we want to know what are the things that these people do differently and that is why, I have put together a list of things that HAPPY people do differently than UNHAPPY people…

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Google reveals Valentine’s Day love equation

Google Valentines Day Heart Equation

Google has love down to a science.

Google often returns results beyond simple web pages.  The popular search engine can translate different languages, convert between different measurement systems and more. And thanks to its ability to parse complex equations, Google can explain one of the most mysterious forces of all: Love.

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7 principles to make a marriage work


The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work helps couples strengthen their relationships.

Renowned clinical psychologist and marriage researcher John Gottman, Ph.D, reveals what successful relationships look like and features valuable activities to help couples strengthen their relationships in The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, written with Nan Silver.

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Falling in Love Takes .2 Seconds and is Like Cocaine: Study


Falling in love only takes .2 seconds.

Falling in love can take as little as one-fifth of a second. And it’s like cocaine.  So says a study out of Syracuse University, which posits that falling love puts 12 areas of the brain to work. And when this happens, it sparks a flood of euphoria-inducing chemicals – oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline and vasopression.

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Different Types of Love Involve Different Parts of the Brain



Stephanie Ortigue of Syracuse University conducted a study about the neurochemical reactions involved in falling in love. She found that different types of love are addressed by different parts of the brain.

For example, unconditional love, such as that between a mother and a child, is sparked by the common and different brain areas, including the middle of the brain. Passionate love is sparked by the reward part of the brain, and also associative cognitive brain areas that have higher-order cognitive functions, such as body image…

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Study: Looking for True Love, Take Your Time

true love

Couples who waited until they got serious before they had sex reported having a high quality relationship.

Couples who get to know each other before being intimate have a better chance of having a lasting relationship, but in some cases even a casual fling can lead to true love, according to a new research.


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Finland Postal Service To Open Mail And Send Scanned e-Mail Copies




Finland’s postal service is to begin opening household mail and sending scanned copies of letters by email to cut down on costs and pollution. Not even the most intimate love letters, payslips, overdue bills and other personal messages will be spared under the controversial scheme.

The service, aimed at cutting the number of postmen and reducing CO2 emissions in the sparsely-populated country, is being offered on a voluntary basis initially. Volunteers will receive an email or a mobile phone text message as soon as their paper mail has been opened, scanned and sent as an electronic image to a secure digital mailbox, to which only the intended recipient has access.

The “highly automated” process of converting of letters into electronic documents will be conducted in “special, secured premises” where staff are bound by strict confidentiality obligations…


The Six Golden Rules of Sexting

3 sexting 471

Message-sent is often different than message-received

Professing your love (or lust) takes just a few seconds of typing in the age of flirtexting, also famously known as sexting. While ‘XOXO’ stands for hugs and kisses, ‘French’ is the new tongue-incheek for French Kiss and ‘IWSN’ (I want sex now) is the best way to tell your ‘LOML’ (also known as the Love Of My Life) how much you ‘< 3’ (love) them.
According to Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz, authors of a book on the subject, text messaging or SMSes are the most widely used mobile data service on the planet and while this wireless communication works wonders in bringing people together, there are certain proper ‘textiquettes’ that need to be kept in mind while giving into this messaging madness. The rules to play by…
1.) Timing is Everything
While it can be tempting to respond right away to the tantalising SMSes beeping in your inbox, being overly eager is also a turn-off. This is especially true for those who are just getting to know each other. Rein in your enthusiasm and use time as a tease in responding to certain SMSes. This makes you appear laid back and easy-going and increases the perception that you’re fun to hang out with, with more to follow.
Also, always make sure that you do not message somebody at a time which is too late for them, and hence, inconvenient for the person.
2.) Don’t Beat Around the Bush
Messages can be easily misunderstood. People like them for the fact that they’re succinct and direct. Don’t be cryptic while flirting. Keep it real and witty. These are supposed to be time-saving titillations.
3.) Never Drink and Text
Getting drunk equals getting stupid. Never mix your drinks with your SMSes. While it might turn out to be funny, chances are, it will rarely be sexy. Think flirtexting , think sober.
4.) Avoid breaking Major News Through Text Messages
While the heat and the excitement of the moment might tempt you to message your loved one declaring your love for them or your intention to marry them, these news are best broken in person. Also, do not break up with someone through SMSes. It is rude.
5.) Discresion is the Best Option
For your own good, if you are sexting with more than one person, do not leave your phone out while on a date and don’t check your messages in front of your date. Also, turn off your phone if you find yourself having a ‘sleepover’.
6.) Double-Check Before You Send Out a Flirt Text
Messages involving any sexual encounters, especially those with saucy pictures to go along with them, should always be double checked. Make sure you are sending them to the person you actually meant them for.
Via Times of India

Professing your love (or lust) takes just a few seconds of typing in the age of flirtexting, also famously known as sexting. While ‘XOXO’ stands for hugs and kisses, ‘French’ is the new tongue-incheek for French Kiss and ‘IWSN’ (I want sex now) is the best way to tell your ‘LOML’ (also known as the Love Of My Life) how much you ‘< 3’ (love) them.

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