The cyber-cold war between China and U.S.

Cyber cold-war

A lengthy confidential list of computer addresses linked to a hacking group that has stolen terabytes of data for corporations in America was circulated to the country’s internet providers last week by the Obama administration.  But, it left out an important fact that almost every one of the digital addresses could be traced to he neighborhood in Shanghai that is headquarters to the Chinese military’s cybercommand.




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Father of the drone continues to pioneer airborne innovations

Abe Karem, father of the drone.

Abe Karem, the aerospace engineer behind America’s most successful and most feared military drone said, “I was not the guy who put missiles on the Predator. I just wanted UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to perform to the same standards of safety, reliability and performance as manned aircraft.”



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Injectable foam stops internal bleeding on the battlefield

The polyurethane foam begins as two liquids stored separately and injected together into the abdominal cavity.

Despite the best efforts of military first responders to stabilize abdominal wounds sustained on the battlefield, they have few options when it comes to stopping internal bleeding caused by gunshots or explosive fragments.  DARPA is studying a new type of injectable foam that molds to organs and slows hemorrhaging. This could provide field medics with a way to buy more time for soldiers en route to medical treatment facilities.



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DARPA to use brain scans to recruit the smartest military dogs

DARPA plans to pre-select the smartest recruits using newly available brain-scanning methods.

Long before Rin Tin Tin, dogs have been been an important part of military operations—from bomb-sniffing to supply-delivery. But training military working dogs is an expensive and time-consuming process. Anyone who’s spent any time trying to get a dog to even follow the “sit” command knows that some dogs are sharper than others.



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1 in three American military aircraft is a drone


MQ-1 Predator Drone

Nearly one third American military aircraft is a drone, according to a congressional report, a 40-fold increase in the drone army from just a few years ago. From tiny man-portable flying wings to behemoth strike planes, unmanned aircraft now make up 31 percent of the military’s air power.

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Drones: garage invention spawns multibillion-dollar defense industry

Abraham Karem

Abraham Karem began tinkering with drones in his garage in 1980.

Abraham Karem, is an engineer who had emigrated from Israel.  In 1980 he retreated into his three-car garage in Hacienda Heights outside Los Angeles and, to the bemusement of his tolerant wife, began to build an aircraft.

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Military dogs suffer PTSD just like humans

army dog

More than 5 percent of the approximately 650 military dogs deployed by American combat forces are developing canine PTSD.

Many soldiers leave the battlefield suffering deeply painful psychological traumas after returning home. And unfortunately, the same pattern of psychic trauma seems to apply for the dogs that help provide essential services for military men and women.


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DARPA developing sensors to track you by your heartbeat


The government wants to track you by your heartbeat.

You may be hiding on the other side of the wall but the U.S. military can see you breathing, they can even see your heartbeat racing.  But you may be surprised if you think you can run farther away or hide in a crowd.  The Defense Department’s sensors will find you.  The Pentagon is looking to tweak their life-form finder that can spot your heartbeat no matter where you are.


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QinetiQ introduces unmanned micro military robot


QinetiQ North America (QNA), a defense technology company has launched a ten-pound tyke of a robot that can operate in hostile military environments, doing reconnaissance before fighters come in. The DR10 robot is designed as a lightweight offshoot of the company’s Dragon Runner military robots. The new DR Lite edition is intended specifically for supporting small military units and first responders.


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