Don’t worry, robots aren’t going to steal your job — yet


One author says we have plenty of time before robots take over humans’ jobs.

As technology has advanced, Thomas Malone has watched his old family farm change drastically. The farm he grew up on once employed 15 people full-time and another 30 or 40 seasonally. Now, five people and many more machines farm about three times as many acres in land to produce significantly more goods.

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New technology curves downhill home market!


Some of our Biggest Time Consumers and Family Feuds of the Century Have Stemmed From Simple Decisions at Home Like:

  • Deciding what color to paint the living room
  • When to get new furniture and what kind
  • What kind of cabinets to install in the new kitchen
  • should we put a pool in that backyard?
  • Is it dad’s den or the kids play room?
  • how can we sell our home in this market
  • how do we sell an empty house?
  • (so on so on so on….)

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