Getting a country from moderate/high EV purchase rate to 100% EV market share – some ideas


 Norway just hit 82% plugin vehicle new car sales in September 2020. This raises the question: “Why are 18% of the purchases non-plugin vehicles?” That got me dreaming up ideas for how to get a country from moderate EV market share (5–10%, for example) to 100% EV market share. Perhaps some of those ideas could be effective in Norway now, and other countries later as they get closer and closer to a high percentage of plugin vehicles.

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Natural gas firms have a proposal to convert home heating to hydrogen

Residential Natural Gas Meters In Chester County, Pennsylvania

Three companies want to test out a pilot project in Northern England by 2028.

Three natural gas distributors issued a report this week detailing plans to convert the UK’s residential gas system to a hydrogen delivery system. UK firms Northern Gas Networks and Cadent, as well as Norwegian gas firm Equinor, wrote that the proposal (PDF) was technically feasible. They also suggested an initial roll-out of the program to 3.7 million homes and 400,000 businesses in Northern England could commence as soon as 2028.

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Norway Trains Its Diplomats in Black Metal


Black Metal musicians commonly wear facepaint.

Black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music that, to an extent, originated in Norway. It’s gaining increasing popularity across the world and is an emerging symbol of Norwegian culture. So to ensure that Norway’s official representatives can speak intelligently about it, the government is training diplomats on the subject…

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Archaeologists Find ‘Mini-Pompeii’


The most well-preserved pottery from the Stone Age ever found in Norway has turned up in an unspoiled dwelling site not far from Kristiansand. The find is considered an archaeological sensation.

The discovery of a “sealed” Stone Age house site from 3500 BC has stirred great excitement among archaeologists from Norway’s Museum of Cultural History at the University in Oslo. The settlement site at Hamresanden, close to Kristiansand’s airport at Kjevik in Southern Norway, looks like it was covered by a sandstorm, possibly in the course of a few hours.

The catastrophe for the Stone Age occupants has given archaeologists an untouched “mini-Pompeii,” containing both whole and reparable pots…

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Norway’s Turbine City Concept Should Be The Future of Energy and Tourism

Wind Farm_norway12_01
Norway is blowing away other countries in wind power.
Norway already boasts the world’s first floating wind turbine, and is apparently the windiest coastline in Europe, making it perfect for even more turbines. Or a turbine city, like On Office’s proposal which shows a stunning vision of the future.The Turbine City concept from the architectural firm not only harnesses all that valuable wind, it also shows a smart tourism scheme housing a hotel, spa and museum.

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Scandinavian Scientists Designing Robotic Snakes

Scandinavian Scientists Designing Robotic Snakes

Not exactly a cuddly robot

The Sintef Group, a research company based in Trondheim, Norway, announced that it’s designing a robot based on snakes.

The 1.5-meter long robots, which are made of aluminum, are being designed to inspect and clean complicated industrial pipe systems that are typically narrow and inaccessible to humans. The intelligent robots have multiple joints to enable them to twist vertically and climb up through pipe systems to locate leaks in water systems, inspect oil and gas pipelines and clean ventilation systems.

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