Scientists confirm existence of the periodic table’s 117th element

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Ununseptium – the 117th element

The discovery of the periodic table’s 117th element has been confirmed after four years of painstaking research. Element 117, otherwise known as ununseptium, was originally discovered back in 2010 by a group of American and Russian physicists with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). However, it has taken years for the discovery to be replicated by another independent team, which the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) requires. Now the element, with the approval of the IUPAC, can be named and added to the periodic table, extending our understanding of transuranium elements.



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Periodic Table Gets A Makeover

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Remodeling the Table

Remember memorizing the periodic table in high school? Well, forget it. Some information on the table is about to be reset.

The world’s top chemists and physicists have determined that the atomic weights of 10 elements – ones you’ve actually heard of – need to be expressed as an interval (or range) rather than a static number, Science Daily reports…

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Nuclear Missing Link Created at Last: Superheavy Element 117

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An international team of scientists from Russia and the United States, including two Department of Energy national laboratories and two universities, has created the newest superheavy element, element 117. The lifetime of element 117, which has now been created in the lab for the first time, confirms that superheavy elements lie in an island of stability on the periodic table.

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The Periodic Coffee Table


The Ultimate Science Geek Accessory

The Periodic Coffee Table offered by Element Connection for a jaw-dropping £4,750 ($9,463) is a fantastically nerdy idea – a coffee-table display case for samples of all existing stable elements – but they really wussed out on the radioactives, replacing them instead with empty spaces labeled with nuclear decay symbology. Weak sauce. I want to feel my coffee table in my eye teeth.

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