Lady Gaga Launches Fashion Line Made from Discarded Meat

flying-gaga 23456

Flying Gaga, Now in Bacon Flavor.

Pop icon Lady Gaga will launch a line of meat-based clothing this Fall using food waste. The line will be a “contemporary interpretation of her stage outfits,” according to the Haus of Gaga.

Exactly what that means remains unclear but I suggest you don’t wear the clothing camping (or store them in a bear box if you do). Unlike her infamous meat dress, the line will actually be…clothing. And unlike her meat dress, it comes PeTA-approved. Yes, PeTA approved!

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Pamela Anderson’s Vegetarian Advert Banned In Canada

The controversial banner in English
A vegetarian advert featuring Pamela Anderson in a string bikini has been banned in Canada for being “sexist”. The former Baywatch star features in a poster for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) covered in butcher’s labels such as “rump”, “ribs” and “breast”.
The creators of the advert, which includes the slogan “All Animals Have The Same Parts”, had been seeking approval for it to be displayed in Montreal. But Canadian officials rejected the banner, telling the animal rights group in an email it went against the “battle of equality between men and women”. Anderson, who is a vegetarian and long-time Peta activist, hit out at the “puritanical” decision.

Endangered Species Found In DMZ Between Koreas

cat 3241
Dozens of endangered species almost extinct elsewhere in South Korea have been found in the South Korean part of the Demilitarized Zone, a 248-kilometer-long and 4-km-wide belt separating the country from North Korea, according to new research reported by Yonhap News Agency.

According to Yonhap, the research conducted last month by South Korea’s Environment Ministry and its National Institute of Environmental Research in the mid-DMZ area, less than 90 kilometers north of Seoul, confirmed the presence of eight near-extinct mammals, including the small-eared cat and elk, and 24 endangered birds such as the red-crowned crane.

It said surveys by local and international groups of the heavily mined but almost completely untouched DMZ have shown it to be an ecological treasure house, with at least 70 different kinds of rare species of fauna and flora completely protected from human harassment.

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PETA Offers X-Prize for Artificial Meat

PETA Offers X-Prize for Artificial Meat

PETA – The meat brand we’ve all come to love and trust

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to pay a million dollars for fake meat — even if it has caused a “near civil war” within the organization.

The organization said it would announce plans on Monday for a $1 million prize to the “first person to come up with a method to produce commercially viable quantities of in vitro meat at competitive prices by 2012.”

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