One woman who plans to teach a million how to code


Article By Heather Wood Rudolph

Alaina Percival never envisioned a career in technology. But after a successful career in marketing and brand management that took her around the world, the 34-year-old quit her job, learned to code, and changed careers. Today she runs Women Who Code, a nonprofit mentoring and education group focused on increasing the number of women in all areas of the technology industry. Percival talks to about feeling the gender gap in tech and the importance of a good challenge.

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Here are the highest paying programming languages ranked by salary


There are some languages and skill sets that are more valuable than others.

One of the most lucrative industries in the U.S. is computer programming. The average salary for a computer programmer just hit an all-time high as it approaches $100,000.



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Before we had computers, people programmed looms

woven portrait

This portrait was woven using a Jacquard loom.

Before IBM, before punch-card computers, before Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, one of the very first machines that could run something like what we now call a “program” was used to make fabric. The machine was a loom and could process so much information that the fabric it produced could display pictures detailed enough that they might be mistaken for engravings.



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Top 7 blogs a student programmer should really read

learn to code

The top 7 blogs will come in handy and boost your skills up a few notches.

You need to immerse yourself in the programming culture if you want to succeed as a programmer. This is more true if you’re still a student. The field of programming is so broad and there’s so much information to absorb that you’ll never come out on top if you participate from a distance. Fortunately, blogs are a readily accessible medium keep you in the loop.



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Coding schools may solve the tech talent shortage


DaVinci Coders in Louisville, Colorado

Coding schools provide an intriguing and relatively new option for providing talent in emerging technologies. People from all walks of life are given an intensive series of classes in programming, generally over the course of several weeks to six months. The schools provide a solid foundation of software development skills.



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Computer science education – Is there a crisis?

computer science

The U.S. graduated proportionally fewer computer-science majors in 2011-12 than in 1985-86.

There has been a lot of talk from journalists, programmers, and educators about computer-science education in the U.S. on whether every should or should not learn how to code. The question comes up often in the digital-media circles. Tasneem Raja, interactive editor at Mother Jones made a thoughtful, nuanced contribution to that conversation last week.


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Want to do something with your liberal arts degree? Try coding!


Early Coders

Don’t rule out coding because you didn’t study programming in college. DaVinci Coders has a new class starting September 22nd. Start the application process NOW to see if this is then next step towards your future. Read on…

With a rising demand for coding skills in the job market, technical know-how has become one of the most sought-after resume-builders. And as the story of fifth-grader Nick Wald in Wednesday’s Journal showed, those who want to learn have a variety of new options. Even Nancy Pelosi has gotten in on the act.

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4 robots that teach children STEM in engaging ways


Play-i robot

Like no other tool, robots can capture a child’s imagination by creating a fun, physical learning process. With robots, kids learn programming via interactive play by moving a robot in various sequences and using intuitive, visual programming on a computer screen. The children also learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) by watching and interacting with robots that demonstrate the practical results of the day’s lesson.



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Code Academies Caught in the Government Sausage Factory


Code academies have proliferated the higher education and vocational landscape over the past few years. They are posing big questions on the value of a formal four-year college computer science degree and answering consumer demand with a savvy proposition: come to us for an indispensable skill and we will line you up for a high paying job, without making you incur $100,000 in student loan debt.



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The history of programming languages


Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby programming language in 1995

Have you ever wondered how computers got started and where programming languages came from?

In the beginning, Charles Babbage’s difference engine could only be made to execute tasks by changing the gears which executed the calculations. Thus, the earliest form of a computer language was physical motion. Eventually, physical motion was replaced by electrical signals when the US Government built the ENIAC in 1942. It followed many of the same principles of Babbage’s engine and hence, could only be “programmed” by presetting switches and rewiring the entire system for each new “program” or calculation. This process proved to be very tedious. (Photos)


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