Artificial Intelligence will be the greatest jobs engine the world has ever seen


Fears that AI will make many types of workers unemployable are unfounded.

In the past few years, artificial intelligence has advanced so quickly that it now seems that hardly a month goes by without a newsworthy AI breakthrough. In areas as wide-ranging as speech translation, medical diagnosis and game play, we have seen computers outperform humans in startling ways. This has sparked a discussion about what impact AI will have on employment.

Some fear that as AI improves, it will supplant workers in the job force, creating an ever-growing pool of unemployable humans who cannot economically compete with machines in any meaningful way. This concern, while understandable, is unfounded.

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Top 4 event trends you need to know about

The world of events and in-person marketing is evolving. 

Audiences today expect more than education and entertainment; they expect participation at an event. Today’s top events take advantage of technology as a platform for audience engagement. Having produced and attended a number of customer conferences and trade shows this year, I’ve noticed some very clear trends in how technology is blurring the gap between the presenters and attendees. Here are some examples.



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If the Shoe Fits… Chinese Footwear Company Makes Giant Electric Shoe Car

electric shoe car

Kang Shoe Company electric shoe car.

A footwear manufacturer in China has made an electric car out of a giant shoe.   A shoe shaped electric car is the newest promotional tool of the Kang Shoe Company, headquartered in Wenzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province.


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Artist Shopdropped Her Work on Black Friday

artist planting art at ikea
Photo: Michelle Pred (planting her work into IKEA’s inventory.)

As crowds rushed to find deals at the Emeryville, CA IKEA store, one of them had a plan other than shopping.  Michelle Pred was actually placing her artwork, complete with working IKEA barcodes, into the inventory, an act she calls “shopdropping.”  Unlike shoplifting, she isn’t breaking any laws, and IKEA pocketed the money.  It’s all a statement by the artist….

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