Formula E founder develops world’s first electric powerboat championship



Image: E1 World Electric Powerboat Series

Alejandro Agag, founder of both the Formula E and Extreme E championships, has just announced the formation of an all-electric powerboat league called the E1 World Electric Powerboat Series. Once again, the whole goal of the series is to draw attention to the environmental concerns that impact marine life.

It’s a similar mission statement to that of both FE and Extreme E. Open-wheel FE races on the streets of large metropolitan cities like Paris and Berlin in order to draw attention to electric technology. Extreme E, by contrast, takes place in remote locations for the same purpose.

The powerboat series seems to have more in common with Extreme E in its mission. From Agag:

The earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers are under huge environmental pressure and the E1 World Electric Powerboat Series will lead the way in electrifying water mobility for future generations.

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Roborace: The futuristic motorsport providing a testbed for autonomous cars


A new form of motor racing got underway this year, one in which the driver is optional. Roborace, a competition for human and artificial intelligence (AI) teams, is on a mission to push the limits of motorsports.

Roborace’s primary goals are to develop new forms of motorsport entertainment and explore the relationship between human and machine drivers, with the research from the sport trickling down into driverless cars for consumers.

Originally announced in 2014, Roborace launched its debut competition, Season Alpha, in April this year. Little is known about these races as they take place in private, with the sport still in its test season. There are three teams taking part in its inaugural season: Arrival, TUM and the University of Pisa.

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Roborace shows off its driverless race car at MWC

Roborace car on pavement courtesy of Roborace and Daniel Simon

While most of the attention around autonomous vehicles has centered on “everyday drivers,” there is one effort that goes off in an entirely different direction. An offshoot of Formula E, Roborace aims to launch a parallel series of races conducted entirely without human drivers. The effort has taken longer than planned, but is getting closer to reality. At MWC in Barcelona this week, Roborace showed off the complete design of its first race car. Until now, it has been using awkward-looking “devbots” that have a seat for a driver to test its software and hardware designs.

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Google Racing and NASCAR’s partnership to bring self-driving cars to the world of racing – another April Fools Day joke


You might already be familiar with Google’s self-driving car project. They have spent years working on a tough engineering problem—how to create a hardware and software system capable of gathering and interpreting massive amounts of real-time data and acting on that knowledge swiftly and surely enough to navigate innumerable varieties of crowded thoroughfares without ever once (among other human frailties) exploding in a fit of road rage at the guy who just cut hard left across your lane without even bothering to flash his blinker.

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Electric Motorcycle Racing – The Hot New Sport Coming Soon

electric racing bike 1324
Quiet and Fuel Friendly!
We might be seeing the start of a new form of motorsport. Electric motorcycles have really been at the cutting edge of development recently, and it’s going to be really interesting to see exactly what happens.In fact, the governing body of the MotoGP series is in the process of organizing some races. There are already four on the calendar, with more expected. While no official rules are yet available, it does go without saying that this will draw all kinds of attention to the electric vehicle scene.

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RORMaxx – Wind Powered Sports Car

RORMaxx - Wind Powered Sports Car 


In the ongoing search for alternative energy, few things have been so overlooked as wind. Granted, many places are beginning to accept wind power as an easily accessible form of renewable energy, but still others don’t see its potential. It is this problem that 2 young minds from California have set out to solve.

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Lego Ferrari F1: New Track Burner


Lego Ferrari

 Does the F1 drive you faster than Hamilton drives the McLaren? Do LEGO bricks bring back the obsession in you to become a child again, or a master at the art? Do you wish to gawk at the sleekest of LEGO Creations? Hold, I have a cause. Here is an authentic Ferrari model made out in 80,000 LEGOs (actual size), which gives you all the detail of a true Ferrari F1 race car you always wanted to know. The LEGO Ferrari F1 could be seen at the LEGO World in Holland, celebrating the anniversary of the famous toy brand.


More Pictures

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GT5p Pod – In Quest of the Ultimate Gamer Station

GT5p Pod - In Quest of the Ultimate Gamer Station

When fun matters more than money…

Racing into the virtual world, we have featured several simulators that are customized and modified to satiate the hunger and desire of those seeking the ultimate in the speeding arena. The latest is the GT5P Pod that is believed to be one of a kind. Fitted with a 40″ LCD and a PS3 with DFGT, this cockpit is estimated to crash into your vault to rip off about $15,000. (Pics)

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