Kickstarter hits new crowdfunding milestones

Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding platform and they just broke two industry records.  According to the company’s stats page, more than five million backers have successfully funded over 50,000 creative projects on Kickstarter, cementing Kickstarter as the world’s leading crowdfunding platform.



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July 2011 Heat Records Double Those Of Last Year

melting image 21312

July was REALLY hot in a lot of places.

With July just behind us the National Weather Service confirms what you probably already knew: It was really seriously totally sweatily hot over the majority of the United States. In fact there were 2,676 tied or broken heat records across the nation, doubling last year’s stats. All told about 60 people died from the heat last month…

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Inventor with a ‘taste for music’ creates playable chocolate music records


Playable chocolate music record

Peter Lardong, a resident of Berlin, Germany and an inventor with a “taste for music”  has become the first man to actually create a “playable” chocolate record which can be heard and eaten up when you get bored of listening to it. (pics and video)

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HOWTO clean LPs, DVDs, and CDs

vinyl grooves close up 2345

REALLY close up of a vinyl groove.

I’ve recently picked up several old vinyl LPs at thrift stores and garage sales. My musical taste is very eclectic, but these discs have one big thing in common: they’re all filthy. Similarly, we have dozens of kids DVDs and CDs in our house coated in toddler goo that would almost certainly beat the adhesive that holds the tiles on the space shuttle. This weekend, I plan to brew up a cauldron of the cleaning solution used by the master preservationists at the Library of Congress. Or maybe I’ll just go with Ivory dish soap, warm water, and an old t-shirt. Anyway, here’s the LoC’s recipe..

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