Japan approves first trials of stem cell-based heart treatment


iPS procedure raises hopes for alternative to donations and artificial organs

TOKYO — Japan is set to host the world’s first clinical trials involving the use of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to treat heart failure.

A special health ministry panel on Wednesday gave Osaka University the green light to carry out the study, pending final authorization from the health minister. This would be the second instance of using iPS-derived cells for disease treatment in Japan, after groundbreaking trials involving retinal cells launched in 2014.

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Better regenerative implants with 3D bio-printing

3D bio-printer

In the growing field of desktop 3-D printers  they can already pump out a little trinket, a gear set or even parts to make another printer. Researchers in the medical field are also taking advantage of this accelerating technology to expand their options for regenerative medicine.



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