7 companies working to make ‘flying cars’ a reality

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk may think flying cars are a bad idea, but several companies are working to make them a reality as early as next year.The vehicles these companies are working on aren’t the same from flying cars from “Back to the Future.” Rather, they are pursuing electric, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft for shorter urban commutes.

Like the name suggests, these are vehicles that can take off without needing a runway.

Competition is mounting when it comes to the flying-car moonshot — here are 7 companies working on their own VTOL aircrafts:

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Philip K. Dick theorizes The Matrix in 1977, says that we live in “a computer-programmed reality”


The Hugo Award was given to Philip K. Dick in 1963 for his novel The Man in the High Castle. He beat out such sci-fi luminaries as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Arthur C. Clarke. The Guardian writes about this novel, “Nothing in the book is as it seems. Most characters are not what they say they are, most objects are fake.” The plot—an alternate history in which the Axis Powers have won World War II—turns on a popular but contraband novel called The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. Written by the titular character, the book describes the world of an Allied victory, and—in the vein of his worlds-within-worlds thematic—Dick’s novel suggests that this book-within-a-book may in fact describe the “real” world of the novel, or one glimpsed through the novel’s reality as at least highly possible.



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Weapons of the Future (Videos)


The Last Stand sponsored by Gears of War 2 – Part 1: Attack

Here are two videos about weapons of the future.  These videos were produced by Microsoft to go along with the release of their Gears of War 2 video game.  In part 1 of this documentary, sponsored by Gears of War 2, we speak with military strategists, war historians, weapons experts and think tank members to lay out what an invasion by a hostile alien species might look like. (Part 2 video after the break)

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Weaponized Lasers


Its about time

The military just took one huge step toward making a laser weapon a functional reality. Northrop Grumman just announced a successful test of a 100-kilowatt laser, considered battlefield strength.

This solid-state laser is not as powerful as a chemical laser, but it can be powered by a jet or tank engine, and is much smaller. Unlike the lasers we’re used to, this one will have a beam that’s invisible. Bummer. Continue reading… “Weaponized Lasers”


The 8 Most Common Sci-Fi Visions of the Future


Would planet of the apes become a reality? Well probably not… oh wait I hope not.

The future promises to be so wonderous and terrifying that it will exceed even the furthest reaches of the human imagination. Though this is not saying much, as the human imagination has really only been able to think up eight possible futures: Continue reading… “The 8 Most Common Sci-Fi Visions of the Future”


5 Deadly Sci-Fi Gadgets You Can Build


Do it yourself can be cool or maybe deadly but hey its always fun to build crazy stuff

It’s 2009. Where are our jetpacks? And laser guns? It seems like the cool stuff of sci-fi movies is now the stuff of the billion-dollar military programs, and equally unavailable to us common folk. What the hell?

Well, if you’re tired of waiting for this stuff to turn up on store shelves, it turns out a whole lot of these working sci-fi staples can be built on your living room floor. All it takes is some off-the-shelf parts, a little creativity and a complete disregard for your own safety. Continue reading… “5 Deadly Sci-Fi Gadgets You Can Build”


New York’s Comic Con


Find your inner dork and hey its completely ok

We attended Comic Con in New York on Saturday. The show was at the Javits center, the same place that hosts the New York Auto Show and Toy Fair. The show was sold out for the weekend, and at times it was too crowded for us to see much, or even move around on the exhibition floor. But inside and outside the hall there were some fantastic costumes. Continue reading… “New York’s Comic Con”


Inflatable Water Ball Lets You Walk On Water


Shinra Manufacturers of Guangzhou, China has made it possible for you to walk on water with the Inflatable Water Ball.  Now, I’m all for the idea of being able to walk on water.  Really, I am.  I think it would be pretty cool in a nondenominational deity sort of way.  But…

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