The internet of things could turn any product into a service


In the near future most everything could be “connected”.  Image that every bottle of shampoo, detergent, and medication container, there was a wireless sensor attached to the bottom.  These sensors could tell you how much product is left and trigger a replacement order once it gets to 10% full or approaches its expiration date. Continue reading… “The internet of things could turn any product into a service”


Top 10 lazy ways to appear smarter than you are


Just believing you can get smarter is enough to make you smarter.

Having smarts is all the rage now.  We aren’t just talking about street smarts but we’re talking about brainy smarts. Unfortunately, getting smarter involves work and work is something smart people prefer to avoid. Fortunately, appearing smarter is much easier than actually being smarter.



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How to make yourself smarter


If you do lots of push-ups, you get stronger – but if you do a lot of mental exercises, do you get smarter?

For most of human history, it’s accepted that you’re either born smart or (sadly) not and that there’s no amount of Sudoku that will make you smarter (sure you can be more knowledgable – say by educating yourself, but not intrinsically more intelligent).

But that common wisdom may be wrong: studies show that you can increase your smarts by improving your memory through certain types of games…

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Get Smarter by Realizing You’re Not That Great

If you don’t assume you’re all that great you’ll be much more open to learning new things.
We are all the best person we know and, in general, tend to think we’re pretty unbiased as well. Illusory superiority can help us keep a healthy, optimistic attitude, but it can also prevent us from doing something great…

$500K Retrofit Housing Prize Competition Now Open for Team Registration

smart house 567

Competition will range from community groups, to corporate teams, to int’l teams

On Tuesday evening the Longmont City Council gave the green light to DaVinci Quest CEO Karl Dakin to proceed with the 2010 Smarter, Safer, Greener House Competition where teams from around the world will compete to retrofit existing homes to maximum efficiency. DaVinci Quest is now issuing an open invitation for teams to sign up to compete for the $500,000 prize.

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Smart Rifle That Fires Radio-Controlled Bullets

Smart Rifle:  Fires Radio-Controlled Bullets

The XM25 rifle is being developed for the US army.  

A rifle is being developed that will fire radio-controlled ‘smart’ bullets that will target enemies no matter where they hide.

The XM25 rifle uses bullets that explode when they have travelled the set distance showering the people below. Soldiers will be able to use them to target snipers hidden in trenches rather than calling in air strikes.

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Top 10 Videos of the Week


1.) Mythbuster’s Pancaked Car

In this amazing video, the Mythbusters pancake a car using a rocket sled. A must see. Finding a great video is like having a good friend give you a warm hug. Your mind goes crazy with anticipation. Consider this weeks list some of the ten best hugs you’ll ever receive. (Videos)


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World’s Smartest Mouse


 One very smart mouse

An absolute necessity for any pet training is to understand the animal’s needs and to know about its generic behavior, since appropriate animal training is only based on certain natural habits. For mouse agility, this means e.g. their great spatial orientation abilities and spatial memory which is worth bringing to light by relevant trick training.

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Smart Camera That May Someday Be A Robot’s Eye

Smart Camera That May Someday Be A Robot’s Eye 

 Matrox Iris GT Camera

Wondering what Montreal-based Matrox has been doing since it conceded the graphics card wars to NVIDIA and ATI a few years ago? Besides building lots of great video editing equipment, the company has been working on Iris GT, a smart camera that’s packed with processing power and might just be a body part of our future robot overlords.

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