Neglected New York City phone booths converted into communal libraries


A phone booth with a new purpose.

The days of the phone booth may be numbered in New York City: with the flood of smartphones, vandalism and lack of maintenance, it may be time to re-think how else they might be used. Local architect John Locke’s proposition is to convert them into communal libraries or book drops, complete with brightly coloured shelving, much like your bricks-and-mortar institutions…

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Driverless cars and the end of distracted driving: Infographic


In 2009, auto accidents caused by distracted driving left over 5,000 people killed, and 450,000 injured. With smartphone use growing rapidly, along with new developments like Facebook integration with your car’s dashboard, the number of distracted driving accidents, it would seem, has nowhere to go but up.

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Smartphone and tablet users in the U.S. becoming ‘digital omnivores’


Consumers access content through several touchpoints during the course of their daily digital lives.

Cross-platform media consumption is reshaping the digital landscape as consumers use more devices to access content.  Nearly seven percent of all digital traffic in the United States comes from smartphones and tablets, according to a new survey from comScore.

In-flight Wi-Fi predicted to grow 600% by 2015


Delta will be the first airline to expand its Wi-Fi service to regional jets.

More airlines are beginning to offer Wi-Fi service and travelers are increasingly expected to take advantage of in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity in the coming years.  A new report from In-Stat News found that in-flight Wi-Fi revenue is expected to grow from about $225 million in 2011 to over $1.5 billion in 2015.


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Projector lenses the size of pencil lead are big news for smartphones


Micro projectors for maximum viewing pleasure.

Sharing pictures of your kids used to be easy—whip out the wallet-sized photos and pass. Now, you pull out your phone and squint. With these new millimeter-cubed projector lenses, squinting, like wallet photos, may become a thing of the past…

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U.S. Facing Spectrum Crisis – If Nothing is Done Your Smartphone May be Useless by 2013

spectrum crisis

The U.S. is running out of wireless spectrum.

The United States is facing an imminent spectrum crisis in which exploding demand from smartphones will soon overwhelm the nation’s wireless capacit, according to the FCC.


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Embracing Our Inner Cyborg


The emerging market for smartphone peripherals is set to explode

Futurist Thomas Frey:  It recently occurred to me that I was pulling my iPhone out of my pocket several times an hour to check information. Over the past few months I‘ve become very self-conscious about the addictive nature of information and the OCD-like mannerisms that follow, and this constant checking-in is only one of several habit-changers I’ve noticed that accompany smartphones.


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Retailers Need to Reach Out and Touch More Mobile Users


apple apps

Fifty-one percent of shoppers are more likely to buy from retailers with mobile-specific websites.

Retailers must answer the call to make mobile shopping easier and more engaging or they risk getting disconnected from the majority of mobile device users.  While 89.7 percent of the U.S. population aged 18 to 64 have mobile phones, only 49.1 percent are using their phones to shop, according to Arc Worldwide, the marketing services arm of advertising agency Leo Burnett.


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Demand for Mobile Data Overwhelming Cell Networks


Popularity of smartphones continues to grow on a global scale.

At the Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest annual gathering being held here this week, the corporate visionaries of the business agreed that a challenge they all would face was managing the avalanche of demand for mobile data services fueled by the growth in smartphones.


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