Future predictions for the oil and gas industry

oil and gas

A flawed prediction for oil and gas?

One comment about the oil and gas industry comes up quite a bit from very well educated people in a number of disciplines related to the climate issue – “The oil and gas industry has only got 20 years”. A few years back, a report by the WWF took a similar but slightly less aggressive line, through the publication of an energy model forecast which showed that the world could be effectively fossil energy free as early as 2050.



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Scientists develop process to make inexpensive synthetic gas

Synthetic gas would be much better for the environment.

We are still massively dependent on fossil fuels even though they are a limited resource. But, a team of scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago have figured out a way to make synthetic gas inexpensively, using carbon dioxide and carbon nanofibers.



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The world is running out of helium

Helium is a very low-density gas.

Jimi Hendrix once said, “I have this one little saying, when things get too heavy just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man.” He was almost right. We know of helium, conventionally, as the lighter-than-air gas that we fill balloons, blimps and zeppelins with in order to quickly and easily “defy gravity” here on Earth. (Video)


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Americans waste more than a billion gallons of gas every year because of obesity


For every additional pound of passenger weight, the United States uses up another 39 million gallons of fuel each year.

Obesity raises health costs as we all know with more frequent visits to the hospital, more prescription drugs, and a greater risk for developing diseases like diabetes.  What is less known are the economic costs of obesity.  What are increased costs obesity puts on the public infrastructure, the GDP or on the federal deficit?

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Butterfly Smoke Seal – a safety must-have for anywhere a fire can arise


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Turn your last breath of oxygen into minutes for Escape and Rescue.  The Butterfly Smoke Seal will help protect lives by stopping poisonous gas and smoke from entering though the door in case of a fire. Poisonous gas and smoke is the #1 killer of children 14 and under. It’s been said that if a butterfly crosses your path it will bring you luck.


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Microbial home: fuelling the kitchen with methane from waste


Harnessing wast for power.

This concept design for a “microbial home” centered around a methane digester hub that feeds gas from your food into various appliances has a nice, bodgy, Rube Goldberg feel. We can call it methanepunk (not perfect, but better than “fartpunk”)…

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Pour a shot of Tequila-in your gas tank


Agave can be a fuel?

It fuels your party, your buzz and your hangover the next day, but believe it or not tequila may soon be fueling your car. That’s because the agave plant extract used to make liquor can also be used to make an ethanol like alcohol which can serve as vehicle fuel, won’t interfere with food crops, and can even be grown in the desert…

Someday, our cars may hit the bottle more often than we do, but at least it won’t be hitting our wallets very hard.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Six strategies to get better gas mileage this summer


The less you have to brake, the better your fuel economy.

With gas at nearly $4 per gallon you don’t need to buy a new car to get better mileage on your road trip this summer. Popular Mechanics put fuel-sipping advice to the test by outfitting an ordinary ten-year-old car with an extremely accurate fuel economy gauge and trying out all the gas-saving driving tactics we could think of. Here are six strategies that work, plus more quick tips for better MPG.


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