Tesla Self-Flying Car 1

Being a kid, flying cars were the norm, not the exception and you always assumed that your parents will definitely get such a thing the next time they’re shopping for a family car. Although different companies told us, that it’s just around the corner, it never materialized and Back To The Future never happened.

Tesla Self-Flying Car 2

Maybe, just maybe we are there now. According to Lilium Aviation, the future is going to be somewhat different from the sci-fi movies, but still impressive. The crafty German engineers behind the project recently unveiled their all-electric approach to self-flying cars called the Maiden.

The most astonishing feat though is its ability to take off vertically. Something the company tested successfully last week. You have to check it out yourself, to fully appreciate how Lilium’s prototype 2-seater handles the process.

Made possible by a technology you can also find in any Tesla, the vehicle’s 36 electric jet engines keep the flight calm and stable. Co-Founder Patrick Nathan added that the battery consumes 90 percent less than any current drone aircraft and features a flight speed of 186 mph with a range of 186 miles per charge.

If you now think a pilot is needed, you’re wrong. Just like in the old days, when we were still kids, the Maiden will be piloted autonomously. The company also plans to use it as an air taxi for up to 5 passengers.

All you need to do then is getting the On-Demand app and wait for the magic to happen on a nearby landing pad.