Solar-powered camper from Airstream is a two-wheeled electric car

The camper can be driven and parked without the use of a car, is integrated with solar, and optimized for the electric vehicle revolution.


Airstream, builders of iconic travel trailers known for their rounded shape and aluminum exterior, announced the release of eStream, a camper built for the electric vehicle revolution.

The eStream takes Airstream’s famous design features and adds integrated solar PV in the roof, as well as an electric motor that can be used to drive and park the trailer. The electric motors within can also be used while towing the trailer, taking load off the towing vehicle. It’s estimated that the F-150 Lightning truck may reduce its range to less than 100 miles of range when towing at its maximum capacity, so the eStream helps to keep drivers going longer distances.

The roof has 900W of solar built-in, which Airstream said is about one-fifth the average power draw of an American home. In addition to solar, the system has a fast plug-in charging port and an 80kW battery. Airstream said the battery can reach full charge in about 30-45 minutes at a fast-charging station.

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Check out these images that reimagine what Tesla’s Cybertruck camper add-on could look like


 Tesla’s electric Cybertruck has more than 600,000 pre-orders and is scheduled to be released in late 2021, but in the meantime, a Canadian concept artist reimagined what Tesla’s camper attachment could look like.

The design renderings, which we first saw via Robb Report, take Tesla’s general camper design and run with it. Instead of imagining a more temporary camper with a pop-up topper or a tow trailer, the artist’s redesign depicts overhead space incorporated into the body of the vehicle. The renderings also showcase two different options for either a single or dual sleeper.

“So I’m liking something a bit larger, like this insert camper that you can add to the vault of the Cybertruck,” the artist wrote on Cybertruck Owners Club, a fan website. “These renders need work, but I want something in the vault so no need to tow and can travel almost anywhere all the time.

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This customized RV with solar-panel body does not need fuel, electricity to run; ever


Named as the Iveco Daily Electric, the RV that can take you anywhere – completely for free.

Cleaner vehicles with minimum emissions make up for a new segment that is currently the most hotly contested around the world. This is not only because of the emission norms of major countries that have compelled manufacturers to do so, but also due to the industry’s trajectory that has encouraged them to be the early bird. A rat race for electrification.

On one hand, there are manufacturers who are spending huge chunks of their revenue in creating eco-friendly offerings and on the other hand, you have Dethleffs’ completely solar RV. You heard right, completely solar. While major auto giants around the world are scrambling for a piece of the pie that is electrification, Dethleffs harnessed solar energy to create an offering that is completely independent of any fuel.

Named as the Iveco Daily Electric, the RV that can take you anywhere – completely for free. The extensive use of solar panels on the RV’s body can produce up to 3,000 watts of energy without a charging point in sight.

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Welcome to the ‘Airbnb for Everything’ Age


In the sublet economy, you can turn anything into extra cash: your house, your car, your boat, or your backyard.

Jaclyn Baumgarten grew up sailing on Lake Michigan. Her happiest memories take place on boats with her family, carefree on the open water; as adults, her older brothers both purchased boats so they could extend their nautical adventures. So when they each called one week to separately complain about the expensive upkeep on boats they barely used, Baumgarten set out to solve the problem.

Baumgarten turned her brothers’ headaches into Boatsetter, “the Airbnb for boats.” Boat owners can list their vessels on the platform, and people who want a day on the water can rent one for a few hundred dollars. The platform handles the peer-to-peer insurance and offers a network of captains who, for a fee, can take out groups without any sailing experience.

Boatsetter is among a growing number of startups forging new rental marketplaces for luxuries like boats, extra bedrooms, or backyard space. Call it the sublet economy. Everything you own can become an source of extra income, and everything you want to rent can be leased from a friendly stranger.

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Carbon fiber camping trailer sustains itself off-grid with “endless” power and water


The Sonic X’s slide-out increases interior space, providing room for a comfy dining lounge with wraparound…

A new style of trailer for an evolving breed of traveler, the Sonic X from KZ Recreational Vehicles adds a little more self-sustainability to the camping trailer world. With its solar-backed lithium battery bank, the 26-footer is designed to run off-grid indefinitely. It also includes lightweight carbon fiber construction, a fresh water harvesting system and insulation-boosting technology for better performance, autonomy and efficiency. Get lost for weeks and months at a time without giving up residential-style comforts.

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The Future of Camping Could be in This High-Tech Tent


For those who prefer the comforts of home to pitching a tent in the great outdoors, a new innovation could make you rethink roughing it. The past few years have seen a new suite of products take the camping world by storm, offering high-tech, if not downright luxurious, alternatives to the basic nylon-and-metal tents of the past. One standout is the self-generating tent, a futuristic shelter conceived by Korean designers Shim Jieun, Won Boram, Oh Seobin, Kook Soo Jeong, and Seok Jiyoung.

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