9 Reasons Every Online Marketer Should Learn Code

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You’ve heard it said before that learning how to code is an important skill for everyone today. But maybe, as an online marketer – SEO expert, SMM expert or PPC/SEM expert – you probably don’t think that applies to you. Surely you can do your job just as effectively without having to know the basics of web development, right?

Wrong. Having even the most basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can make a significant difference to your career. It’s not just for web designers and developers or other tech-inclined people. In truth, everyone can benefit from having a little coding knowledge, from small business owners and sales managers to event coordinators and even magicians. Provided you use the Internet to conduct some of your business – and that’s virtually everyone over the age of five.

Below are nine areas you can apply your coding to your marketing career:

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Six reasons you don’t need a college degree to excel in tech

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The tech industry is rapidly changing, but one thing has stayed the same: there’s a lot of demand for workers. Many people rule out the idea, though, feeling like they need a relevant degree to break into tech. However, that’s not even remotely true.

Here are six reasons why you don’t need a computer science or technology-based degree to get ahead in tech.

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Scientists are now using bacteria as living hard drives


Computers are becoming more like living beings. It looks like living beings are becoming more like computers. The latest research has demonstrated a method for storing lines of code in living bacteria, which can then be passed down to the next generation as genetic information.

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Finland struggles to fill over 7,000 programming jobs


Finland was once a renowned technology sector that shed 15,000 jobs with the demise of Nokia’s mobile phone business. It is now struggling to fill thousands of vacancies for software developers, because it lacks people with the right skills.

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8 Jobs that are easier to secure if you learn to code


Many people believe that you should only learn programming if you’re wanting to pursue a career as a programmer. They’re wrong. Coding skills can come in handy in a range of roles—making you a more competitive candidate. Here are eight jobs that are easier to secure if you know how to code.

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What “Sleep” Will Be Like in the future

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Futurists are accustomed to launching headfirst into some very complex subjects, but even the most high-minded and enthusiastic of prognosticators may take a pass when it comes to dealing with the future of sleep. That’s no cop out, it’s just that we humans — those in the developed world at least — maintain such a complicated relationship with sleep.

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Unbundled Education is allowing students to customize their educational experience


Why pay for a whole degree, taking classes you don’t really want, spending multiple years to build skills that you may never use?  Unbundling is happening to education and the results are students with customized portfolios,  projects that are orientated towards skills employers are looking for, and industry level experience.

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Teaching assistant robot being used for help in online courses


Students at Georgia Institute of Technology found out that a teacher assistant giving them assistance they was actually Jill an artificially intelligent robot. Jill was created to provide faster answers and feedback to students and take some of the pressure of teaching large classes off the instructors.

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The 14 highest-paying tech job titles for technical people


So you learned to code. Now what?  The software industry is exploding, and there’s an unprecedented demand for folks with technical skills all over the world. But not all skill sets are created equal. More than 50,000 developers responded to Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey — the absolute best look at the state of the technology industry, as reported by the people actually working in it. These are the top-paying job titles you should be shooting for if you want to make six figures in the tech world, as reported by the developers and administrators working in the industry.

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If You Want To Learn To Code, A Degree Might Be a Huge Waste Of Time


Unless you get a  degree from Stanford or MIT, it will mean a lot less than having built your own apps to show off. Most Universities struggle to keep up with changing technology, and it will only boost your pay for the first 1-3 years. After that, those who are self taught can catch up to the experience that you get from a University degree. So unless you like wasting your time and money…

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