The JaTiki Mount usurps gravity for your smartphone


iPhone 4 with JaTiKi Mount Part “A” (shown in anodized Blue) 

The JaTiKi Mount is an innovative, first of its kind, multi-purpose mounting system for the iPhone 4/4s/5 and any other personal electronic device. By incorporating  powerful rare earth magnets, 1/4-20 threaded holes, and other CNC machined features into a two-disc mounting system, we have completely eliminated the need to wrap or add unnecessary bulk to the phone itself (like a case). If a phone never falls does it still need protection? We are not saying you will never drop your phone, but chances are drastically diminished with the JaTiKi Mount. Without a case on your phone, the JaTiKi delivers a high level of functionality while staying true to the aesthetics and function of devices such as the iPhone.

Gear by Geeks is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. This is your chance to check out the JaTiKi Mount and oodles of other amazing innovations!
Recently, inventor Alan Bratton took a moment to answer some questions about  keeping your smartphone within reach at all times, gravitational annoyances and capturing 10% of the smartphone market…

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Why every single one of you should learn a little code

Either you get with the code or get left out in the cold.

As technology becomes more and more ingrained in our everyday lives, you have to make a choice: Are you a consumer of tech, or are you someone who understands it?

Buying the latest iPhone and keeping up with the who-works-where, who’s-launching-what tech gossip is all good and fine, but if you can’t code, you ain’t no kind of techie.

Startups like Codecademy are making it easy to learn coding online — easy enough for school children, in fact. More intense programs like DaVinci Coders take learners from total noob to novice programmer in an 11 week bootcamp. And one game, Coderacer, will have you on the ground and coding in just five minutes…

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The five big lies of inventors: Common misconceptions can cause the best ideas to fall flat


The DaVinci Inventor Showcase will take place on Oct 13th

The economic downturn has forced us to rethink our lives. For many, this means a time of stepping into the workshop to give shape to ideas that have been waiting for the right opportunity to emerge.

While Hollywood likes to portray inventors as the wacky mad-scientist type, nothing is further from the truth. Inventors may be wired differently, but for the most part they are very dedicated, hard-working individuals bent on making the world a better place.

But in the business world, few things go according to plan. New products are especially prone to commercial failure. Many of the failures stem from common misconceptions that steer us radically off course. Here are five big lies that will give you a more realistic picture of how to make the grade in the world of invention…

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WORD-ROULETTE educates as it entertains the whole family

Featured Exhibitor banner 2

spin4-words cropped

WORD-ROULETTE® is a word board game that uses a modified roulette wheel, multiple balls and game work sheets for huge amounts of family fun and interplay. Creator Tony Aceti is bringing his game to the DaVinci Inventor Showcase to show it off to the world and do his best to make it a household name.

After the jump Tony talks about his product, the trials and difficulties of producing a game today and where he wants his product to go…

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Micro-entrepreneurship a growing trend

do it yourself economy

Do-it-Yourself Economy

Russell Howze was working as a creative at an advertising agency in Atlanta when he got laid off due to budget cuts years ago.  For years he spent his time piecing together work through various corporate jobs, until he decided to follow his heart. Russell then  founded a nonprofit organization for artists, and now supplements his income running street art tours through Vayable in his spare time.

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Why Creative People Are Eccentric

Ibot Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen on his Ibot invention.

He is one of the world’s best known and most successful entrepreneurs, with hundreds of patents to his name—including the Segway scooter. But you will never see Dean Kamen in a suit and tie: the eccentric inventor dresses almost exclusively in denim. He spent five years in college before dropping out, does not take vacations and has never married. Kamen presides (along with his Ministers of Ice Cream, Brunch and Nepotism) over the Connecticut island kingdom of North Dumpling, which has “seceded” from the U.S. and dispenses its own currency in units of pi. Visitors are issued a visa form that includes spaces on which to note identifying marks on both their face and buttocks…

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Photos of people living off-the-grid in the United States

off the grid 345234

Living ‘off the grid’ can entail going without some common luxuries.

Eric Valli spent 3 years taking photos of people in the United States who have “decided to live light on the earth.” The photographs are terrific. It looks like Valli spent time with two clans: a frontier/settler type group, and another group that look almost like cave people. I wish he had included more information about them!

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Futurist Thomas Frey interviewed about DaVinci Coders program

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey 322

Futurist Thomas Frey took time out of his busy speaking schedule for a short interview with Larry Nelson at W3W3 radio. This time Mr. Frey conversed with Larry about DaVinci Coders, the new beginner based Ruby On Rails program that he is putting together at DaVinci Institute…

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Here’s how much body parts cost on the Black Market

body part values 235234

If you were ever curious as to how much body parts can fetch on the black market,Medical Transcription created a snazzy infographic to show you. Some parts are shockingly cheap! Like would you want a new shoulder or a new iPad? Both cost 500 bucks.

Other organs are prohibitively expensive, like a kidney. That little sucker costs $262,000 in the US (other countries have it for cheaper)! Here’s the full list of body parts and their cost…

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Scrap metal transformers theme park opens in China


Optimus Prime sent me to inform you that we have arrived.

Chinese artist Kefeng Zhu and his team of artists use heavy metal as their medium, and the results are pretty darn neat. His unofficial Transformers theme park is calledMr. Iron Robot, and it’s a big hit with kids from throughout the Zhejiang Province and beyond…

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