Fantastic Ways To Recycle Tires

tire shorts image-8

A pair of woman’s shorts, made predominantly from tyres by – unsurprisingly given the logo – Michelin.

Each year – and this is in Britain alone – they apparently throw away approximately 500’000 tonnes of tyres; as such, and due in part to their incredible durability, the disposal of disused tyres is seen as one of the largest waste problems in the world. Below are several examples of tire recycling that really capture the imagination, and serve to remind us that the trusty tyre is actually an incredibly versatile object that can, with a little imagination, be transformed into a wide range of different products…

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Generating Electricity with Whisky


What kind of wattage can we generate with the whisky-making process?

Whisky. Is there anything it can’t do? Here’s what the Scots are going to do with the byproducts of whisky-making process:

It is the spirit that powers the Scottish economy, and now whisky is to be used to create electricity for homes in a new bioenergy venture involving some of Scotland’s best-known distilleries…

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Rain Collecting Skyscraper Cuts Water Usage


Rain is an under valued resource.

Gutters aren’t pretty. Most architects, given the choice, try to find a way to conceal them so they don’t turn an elegant roofline into a clunky mess. But when it comes to the ‘Capture the Rain’ skyscraper, gutters are perhaps the most important element of the structure, and they’ve been integrated in a way that makes them a design statement of their own accord.

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Hardwood Floors & Basketball Courts Recycled into Skateboards


Glide on your new ride.

Watching basketball, do you ever wonder what happens to the wood flooring when the court has to be replaced? Well, in the case of the court at Virginia State University, the maple planks once played on by the Trojans were recycled, and in an unusual way: they’ve been remade into skateboards…

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Phantom of the Floppera


YouTube user FunToTheHead has created a working organ that uses finely tuned wheezing floppy drives to play rather impressive renditions of music. It’s not easy to sequence for four-note floppy-drive organs, but FunToTheHead has done a rather good job with Toccata and Fugue — a solid choice for any mad-science organ! I love that he’s got the blinkenlights synched with the music…

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European Parliament Backs Tough Electronic Waste Recycling Targets


Electronics Waste is a hot issue.

This week the European Parliament backed a proposal to re-write the WEEE directive. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, and the directive sets requirements for the end-of-life management in the growing electrical and electronic product sector. The re-write attempts to address wide disparities in the success of the existing directive, which requires collection of 4kg/person of WEEE. Currently, Sweden tops the ranking of European nations with 16 kg per person of WEEE collected, while Italy collects only 1 kg per person. The proposed directive attempts to level the playing field for WEEE as well; so that the Italians could satisfy the directive if it is shown that Swedish people purchase 16 times more EEE than Italians. Although this is a stretch, it is only fair that targets be set in relation to actual consumer behavior.

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Ben & Jerry’s Factory to Convert Ice Cream Waste into Energy

Ben & Jerry's BIOPAQ AFR from Paques - 3D artist impression

Green Energy Never Seemed Sweeter.

Unilever is taking a Ben & Jerry’s factory in the Netherlands a green step forward: constructing a bio-digester that will convert the waste products from ice cream production and provide for 40 percent of the factory’s green energy requirements.

Made by Paques and expected to be operational a little later this year, the BIOPAQ®AFR is not like bio-digesters of old.

Paques describes:

After a successful test period, Unilever has opted for a new type of bio-digester from Paques, the BIOPAQ®AFR, in which natural micro-organisms (in this case more than 24 billiard (24•1015) little bugs!) ‘eat’ waste products and convert them into biogas. In this system, wastewater is purified by converting waste products from ice cream production such as milk, cream, proteins, syrups and pieces of fruit into biogas.

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Dell Reconnect Finds Charitable Uses for Your Old (and Even Dead) Tech

dell reconnect987654

If you’re banking on getting a new computer, MP3 player, or video game console this holiday, you may be researching the best ways to recycle your old one. Instead of junking it, though, you can donate it to charity through Dell Reconnect…

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First UN Satellite Hopes to Turn Astronaut Poop Into Power Supply

satellite unescosat

When are we gonna be able to convert astronaut
feces into hydrogen for use in onboard fuel cells?

For the first time, the United Nations is planning to make its mark in space with an international satellite designed to promote science education and international cooperation in the sciences. But the $5 million satellite (UNESCOSat) won’t go up alone–it will be accompanied by a number of payloads, including two from the Florida Institute of Technology filled with bacteria. Why?

The first payload is intended to examine the effects of Shewanella MR-1 (a bacteria) in a microgravity environment to determine its suitability for long-term space travel…

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The Story of Electronics: Designed For The Dump


This short video called The Story of Electronics is the latest in The Story of Stuff video series. As the title suggests, this particular video is about our collection of electronics which create a lot of e-waste every single year. That e-waste is harmful not just to the environment but also to us and other people around the world whose job it is to dismantle or salvage the usable parts in these electronics.

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TreeGreetings – The eCard That Plants a Tree


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

TreeGreetings . . . technology and the Earth working together to plant trees! A shade, fruit, flowering or evergreen tree gets planted in the US or Central America with every amazing, beautiful, musical, nature eCard sent. No paper used in the entire process and it’s easy as 1, 2, Tree!

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