Earliest Winery Yet Found in Armenia


Winemaking from way back!

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of the world’s oldest winemaking facility. The winery was found in an Armenian cave near the village of Areni -the same cave where the oldest shoe ever was found last year. Carbon dating shows that the winery dates back 6,100 years!

In September 2010 archaeologists completed excavations of a large, 2-foot-deep (60-centimeter-deep) vat buried next to a shallow, 3.5-foot-long (1-meter-long) basin made of hard-packed clay with elevated edges…

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WikiLeaks to U.S. Politicians & Media: “Stop Inciting Assange’s Murder”


Who is terrorizing who here?

The WikiLeaks Twitter account has just posted a press release calling for American politicians and media personalities to stop advocating the assassination of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Along with this release comes a handy website, PeopleOKWithMurderingAssange dot com, that gives startling quotations along with the name of the speaker. Each quotation is followed by a link showing the greater context of the often violent and disturbing words.

The site shows a new name and quotation every time you refresh the page; so far, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and many others, including government and military figures, radio hosts, newspaper columnists and TV news reporters, are featured on the site…

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Watching More Than Four Hours of TV a Day Damages Your Heart Even If You Are Fit

watching rv

The chance of heart disease and premature death from any cause soars for those spending more than four hours a day watching TV.

Watching too much television or playing computer games damages your heart regardless of how much exercise you do, scientists have warned. The risk of heart disease and premature death from any cause doubled for those spending more than fours hours a day glued to a screen, it was claimed.

Restricting Sale of Cold Medicine Creates Lucrative Black Market

Restricting Sale of Cold Medicine has actually increased the meth problem in the US.

The tracking system laws that make it inconvenient to buy cold medicine have not slowed down the meth trade one bit. In fact, they’ve created a new “sub-criminal culture,” says an agent with the DEA.

The practice has not only failed to curb the meth trade, which is growing again after a brief decline. It also created a vast and highly lucrative market for profiteers to buy over-the-counter pills and sell them to meth producers at a huge markup.

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Ban Plastic Bags Rap Video Goes Viral


OK, so the Great Pacific Garbage Patch may not be anywhere near as big as we thought, and some activists think plastic bags are a distraction from the major environmental issues we face. But that doesn’t stop many others from holding up the single-use plastic bag as a symbol of all that is wrong with our consumer culture. Now a viral rap video is making the rounds, calling on cities around the Globe to step up and ban the single-use plastic bag.

Mobile Broadband Users Will Surpass 1 Billion by the End of 2011

 mobile broadband

Number of mobile broandband subrscriptions to surpass 1 billion in 2011.

Mobile broadband subscriptions are on track to surpass 1 billion in 2011 only months after reaching half a billion, Ericsson said on Tuesday, highlighting a key growth driver for the telecom sector.


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Robot Elephant Offers Hope To Autistic Children

Probo 2

A new hope for autism

A robotic elephant that can hug using its trunk and has hundreds of potential facial expressions is offering hope to autistic children. Scientists at Vrije University in Brussels have developed the robot, which is now being trialled with children from Romanian orphanages which they believe could be a major breakthrough for children suffering from autism.

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E. Coli Bacteria Could Become Our Next Computer Hard Drives


Data can be stored in bacteria?

Researchers have figured out that data can be stored in bacteria, and that a single gram of bacteria can store more information than 450 2-terabyte hard drives! This storing and encrypting information in living organisms is called biostorage, and students at Hong Kong’s Chinese University are using E. coli to test the possibilities of how we store information in the future.

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Google Goggles Can Now Read Print Ads and Play Sudoku!


Google Goggles is simply the coolest!

Of all the mobile applications that Google has come out with in the past couple of years, Google Goggles is definitely one of the coolest. You point your smartphone at any object, and Google attempts to figure out what it is — and it’s actually pretty good at it. And now it’s gaining two pretty interesting features. Well, one interesting and one awesome.

The first is the ability to recognize print ads. Yes, you can now point your smartphone at an ad in a magazize or newspaper and Google will recognize the brand or product and return results for it. Google says that this will work for major U.S. newspaper and magazine ads from August 2010 onward…

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