What is Your Facebook Profile Telling ID Thieves?


Seemingly harmless information can help ID thieves unlock key to your identity.

Your pet’s name is a thieve’s best friend.  You may think you’re revealing precious little when you tell your Facebook friends that you’re dressing your pooch, Puddles, in your favorite color, red, for brunch at Grandma’s on Sunday. But you’ve actually just opened a Pandora’s box of risks.


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Obama Adminstration Eyeing National Internet ID for All Americans

internet id

The Obama administration is currently drafting what it’s calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said.


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Invisible Tanks Could Be On Battlefield Within Five Years


Unlike conventional forms of camouflage, the images on the hull would change in concert with
the changing environment always insuring that the vehicle remains disguised

Armoured vehicles will use a new technology known as “e-camouflage” which deploys a form “electronic ink” to render a vehicle “invisible”.

Highly sophisticated electronic sensors attached to the tank’s hull will project images of the surrounding environment back onto the outside of the vehicle enabling it to merge into the landscape and evade attack.

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A Step Closer to a Universal Flu Shot That Protects for Life


Antibodies developed in patients who had the H1N1 pandemic flu strain that protect against a variety of flu strains.

The swine flu outbreak that swept across the globe claiming over 14,000 lives could provide scientists with a vital clue to creating a universal vaccine, a study claims. Researchers have found several patients infected with the 2009 H1N1 pandemic flu strain have developed antibodies that are protective against a variety of flu strains.

’80s Tech Explained by iPod Era Children

floppy disk

Kids guessed the floppy disk was everything from a camera to a credit card.

Because we have yet to realize the sci-fi dream of time machines, currently the best way to time travel and peer into the future is by looking at the past. In this case, a group of kids give us a preview of just how strange some of today’s devices may appear to kids born just two decades from now. (Video)



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Thomas Frey Speaks at CES on the Speed of Information Access


A panel of futurists made a presentation January 8t in the K-Zone of the Kodak exhibit at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Members of the Panel will included Thomas Frey, a Senior Futurist and Executive Director of the Denver based DaVinci Institute, David Houle, the Futurist Blogger at EvolutionShift.com and Terry Taber, the Chief Technology Officer for Kodak.


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Kitara Synth-Guitar

Kitara MDI-1-ALU

The Kitara Synth-Guitar

Michael Zarimis offers an unassailable logic for developing his synth-guitar: it is the last band instrument to get the proper treatment.

“I’m a big fan of electronica,” Zarimis said, “but the band format is missing. It’s usually people sitting at desks or tweaking knobs behind the scenes.”

Unlike keytars, which remain keyboards, or MIDI guitars, which are “too temperamental,” his Kitara keeps the frets but replaces the strings with an 8-inch multi-touch display. Inside is a polyphonic synthesizer, with 100 default sounds and 6 effect, each of which can be assigned to different ‘strings.’

(video after jump…)

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National Clean Off Your Desk Day


Today is the day to clean things up.

Are you concerned about what may be hiding in those piles on your desk? Tackle that messy desktop during National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This special day was originated by Anne Chase Moeller who often helped out in her father’s office and shared his incredibly cluttered desk. In order to create a place where she could work, she would spread a cloth over his chaos and then do her work…

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Biologists Discover That Some Ants Eventually Retire


Some ants do get to retire.

Many adjectives come to mind when thinking about ants, but ‘idle’ likely isn’t among them. But recently biologists discovered that after a lifetime of service in their namesake occupation, older leaf-cutter ants eventually decided to hang their hats, enjoying a retirement of sorts in their golden years. While the study may not appear to have overt real-word implications, researchers insist it may help us better understand our own notions of productivity, especially later in life. “This study demonstrates an advantage of social living that we are familiar with,” says the study’s lead author. “Humans that can no longer do certain tasks can still make very worthwhile contributions to society.”

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At 39, Is Lucy the Oldest Cat in the World?

lucy-old-cat 7643

Lucy at large

What’s her secret? It must be something in the Fancy Feast.

Lucy, from Llanelli, South Wales, is a proud Gen X’er – in her time, she’s lived through eight prime ministers, a handful of wars, and the rise of the technological generation. But the years take a toll, and at 39 years old, Lucy’s gone deaf and probably has a bit of trouble getting up in the morning. But that’s all excusable when you consider Lucy is a feline…

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Sphero Lets You Play Ball with Your Phone

playballiph sphereo 1111

The Sphero, from Orbotix

The Sphero, from Orbotix, is one of the toy hits of CES 2011. Like the AR Drone, the toy hit of CES 2010, you control the Sphero with your smartphone (a remote control app is available for iOS and Android). Your phone connects to the Sphero via Bluetooth, and to control the ball you can use a virtual joystick or the accelerometer (simply tilt your phone). In our brief hands on, the Sphero proved a little tough to control, but we’ll chalk some of that up to the dying battery.

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Twitter Subpoenaed by U.S. Government for Wikileaks Accounts

twitter-wikileaks 345

The U.S. government takes action on Twitter

The U.S. government has asked Twitter to hand over private messages sent to and from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and other WikiLeaks staffers.

In all likelihood, it’s also contacting other web services Assange may have used to get contact details and personal information about Assage’s activities and supporters.

According to a report just filed by The New York TimesTwitterTwitterhas been subpoenaed by the U.S. government in connection to the ongoing WikiLeaksWikileaks investigation…

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