“Machine to produce oxygen”, Europe’s plan to create a long-term human presence on the Moon

Europe’s plan to establish a long-term human presence on the Moon


A machine for the production of oxygen on the moon will go to space.

The European Space Agency is building the device to test whether astronauts can use the oxygen trapped in the lunar regolith (the layer of dust and rock that covers the surface of the Moon).

The device is expected to reach the moon by 2025, and if it works as hoped, the agency plans to add to this technology by building an oxygen production plant on the moon in the 2030s.

In addition to providing oxygen for humans, the machine can also help produce fuel for the spacecraft.

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TCL Introduces Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Glasses at CES 2023

TCL Introduces Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Glasses at CES 2023

TCL RayNeo X2; It offers a true smart wearable experience that unlocks a deeper connection between users, devices and the real world.

A pioneer in display technology and affordable, world-class smart experiences, TCL launched the TCL RayNeo X2023 augmented reality (AR) smart glasses at CES 2. These revolutionary glasses benefit from pioneering binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide displays along with a host of new interactive features to enable users to experience unparalleled AR.

TCL RayNeo CEO Howie Li said in a statement: “TCL RayNeo has created the world’s first binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide AR glasses. This glasses developed by RayNeo; It will set the bar for future innovations in wearable AR, without sacrificing high-end technology, style or ease of use. The RayNeo X2 is the new frontier of AR glasses and we’re just getting started.”

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Neutrogena Reveals AI-Powered 3D Printed Custom Vitamin App

Printed vitamins.

Normally we do not cover topics related to cosmetics, being a website focused on the more industrial, loud, and explosive applications of additive manufacturing.

But we are interested in production-grade 3D printing, as well as AI, computer vision, and computer software. And this new story from cosmetic giant Neutrogena has all of those components, so we’ll cover it.

Read on to find out how we let an AI pass judgment on this writer’s face skin!

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CES 2023 Piloting Self-Driving Stroller Powered by Artificial Intelligence; Is It Family-Friendly?

By Joshua Stan

CES is a technology event that showcases and demonstrates new and innovative technologies. It is a place where major companies conduct business and find new partners and where innovative individuals can present their ideas. The Consumer Technology Association organizes the event and covers all aspects of the technology industry.

Gluxkind, a baby gear startup based in Canada, was showcasing its Ella AI-Powered Smart Stroller at CES (a technology event in Las Vegas that showcases innovative new technologies). The smart stroller is equipped with technology similar to that found in autonomous cars and delivery robots, such as a dual-motor system for uphill walks and automatic downhill brake assist.

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NASA’s unusual experiment will plant potatoes on Mars


After the success of lettuce on the ISS (International Space Station), NASA continues its “agricultural” experiments to understand if vegetables can be grown in space.

This time it’s the turn of potatoes: from March the American agency, together with the Peruvian International Potato Center (CIP), will conduct experiments in a laboratory in Lima to understand whether potatoes can be grown on Mars.

NASA has selected one hundred types of tubers: forty from the Andes, used to reproduce even in dry and rocky terrain, and sixty genetically modified to resist various pathogens and survive with little water and salt.

One ton of these potatoes will be transported to a special laboratory in Lima, where the Martian atmosphere, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, will be simulated.

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Aeolus Debuts Autonomous Dual-arm Humanoid Robot at CES2023

Autonomous Dual Arm Humanoid Robot Aeolous is waiting for its new owners.

Aeolus debuted its new first-generation household robot assistant at this year’s CES, Called Aeo, it is, the first humanoid robot in the world that can recognize its owner’s face. 

The goal of Aeolus Robotics is to use robots to improve everyone’s quality of life. Aeolus brings together expertise from Europe, America, and Asia to produce the most capable service robot available today. 

It has a solid financial foundation and a global presence was established in 2016 and has had robots operating in Japan since 2019. The company is presently moving to new international markets. For this reason, they are well suited to develop the very best in cutting-edge robotics, like the Aeo. 

Named in honor of the deity who guards the winds, it has also been designed to patrol and clean hospitals. Aeo has the capacity to carry out ultraviolet disinfection, making it well-suited to manage the difficulties facing the healthcare sector. 

But, it is more than just a cleaning robot. 

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The Five Most Interesting Autonomous Vehicles At CES 2023

Five different autonomous vehicles from favorites of CES2023 met the audience.

Autonomous vehicles are the buzzword in the automotive and transportation industries. We have seen companies working on a variety of technologies that enable vehicles to drive by themselves. At CES 2023, let’s look at five of the most interesting concepts that include options for public transportation to a mobile vending machine.

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This AI robot arm can do everything from making coffee to 3D printing

It can also rotate 220 degrees and lift up to 26.5 ounces of weight.

By Kavita Verma

Supernova, a South Korean startup, has designed HUENIT, a robotic arm to help people with various household chores and creative tasks. Supernova showcased its AI Camera and Robot Arm at CES 2023. The company has been developing innovative robots to help people with everyday tasks.

Although many innovative technologies were showcased at the CES 2023, the Huenit Robot Arm captured the attention of visitors. HUENIT is an easy-to-use AI-based multi-functional robotic arm that combines advanced AI technologies with a modular arm to work on complex tasks with high precision. The robot can do everything from making coffee to 3D printing a prototype.

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Denver gave out huge rebates on electric bikes. Now it’s making the bike lanes they need

By Micah Toll

Denver grabbed headlines earlier this year when it launched an ambitious program to help city residents replace cars with e-bikes. Now the city is struggling to ensure it can provide sufficient cycling infrastructure to support the influx of electric bikes.

The program initially offered generous rebates from $400 to $900 off the price of a new e-bike depending on the style of bike, with cargo e-bikes receiving higher incentives. 

Low-income city residents were offered even higher incentives of $1,200 toward the price of an electric bike.

Unlike mail-in rebates or e-bike tax credits, Denver’s program used point-of-sale rebates that were applied instantly, making it easier for new riders to afford what can often be expensive electric bikes.

The goal of the program was to help get more of these car-replacing electric bikes out onto Denver’s streets to cut down on traffic and reduce emission-spewing vehicle use.

Nearly 5,000 electric bikes have been purchased as part of the program, with around half of those e-bikes going to low-income riders.

It’s been widely praised as a successful model for increasing the adoption rate of low-impact alternative vehicles. But it’s also shined a light on another issue surrounding personal EVs like e-bikes and e-scooters: that they require investment in infrastructure to make riders feel safe using them.

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Chrysler’s future car cabins will be built around partial self driving

The Synthesis concept helps you multitask when your hands are off the wheel.

By Jon Fingas

Chrysler has yet to deliver an electric car or otherwise leap into the future, but it’s at least willing to hint at what that future will look like. The Stellantis brand is debuting a Synthesis cockpit concept at CES that previews what you can expect in next-generation electric vehicles. Most notably, the two-seat demonstrator is built around Level 3 self-driving technology — that is, it assumes you’ll have your hands off the steering wheel in limited conditions.

The 37.2 inches of infotainment display area provides the usual media and navigation controls, but is also designed to be useful when autonomous driving is active. You can participate in video calls, play games, sing karaoke or even create your own music. It’s not clear how this would integrate with a production car (there’s no steering wheel in the concept), but Chrysler is joining Mercedes, Tesla and other automakers offering in-car productivity and entertainment apps to drivers.

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Disney Files Patent for Air and Water-Powered Flying Robots

Disney has filed a patent for flying robots that would be powered with a hybrid and air and water, Orlando Business Journal reports.

By Shannen Michaelsen

The patent is for an “Untethered robot with hybrid air and water power for hovering and quick airborne movements.” It describes how they could control the movements of a flying robot through thrust propulsion via air or water. The robot would be able to pose and change directions in mid-air.

“In-flight movements and stable or controlled landings for a flying robot have recently come into demand to provide unique and surprising entertainment to audiences in settings where it may be difficult to utilize live performers,” the patent says.

The patent also indicates projectors would be able to put different images onto the robot while it is moving, turning it into different characters.

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Adorable smart home robot unveiled at CES 2023 could be a great addition to your family

By Jon Bitner

Every January, CES brings us a laundry list of innovative, intriguing products that’ll probably never see the light of day. Enabot, an under-the-radar robot company, seems to be bucking that trend at CES 2023, with its impressive EBO X smart home robot offering up dozens of futuristic features and a release date planned for the second quarter of this year.

EBO X is an adorable smart home robot that serves multiple purposes in your household. After mapping its surroundings, the self-balancing, two-wheeled companion can follow you around your home, provide two-way communication through its 4K camera, pump out music via its Harman speakers, sync with other Alexa devices, and provide security alerts while you’re away.

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