Why do people love coffee and beer? It’s the buzz, not the taste, study finds


“People like the way coffee and alcohol make them feel. That’s why they drink it. It’s not the taste,” a Northwestern University researcher said.

Whether you prefer a Café Latte or a diet soda may actually depend on how the drink makes you feel, rather than how it tastes, a new study finds.

This idea contradicts what scientists previously thought: that our taste genes determined why we preferred one drink over the other.

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Willie Nelson’s new Remedy adds CBD oil to your coffee

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Turns out Willie Nelson wasn’t kidding when he and Merle Haggard sang “It’s All Going to Pot” in 2015.

In 2016, he launched Willie’s Reserve, his own brand of weed with it’s partner brand, Annie Edibles, featuring his wife, Annie Nelson’s artisanal chocolates and infused hard candies. Last year, they expanded the brand with a new product line dubbed SunGrown.

Now the couple has launched a new wellness brand, Willie’s Remedy, which focuses on non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Their first product is CBD-infused coffee made from Annie Nelson’s personal recipe. After a soft launch last year, the coffee is now available for purchase online. When properly brewed, the coffee is said to deliver 5 mg of CBD oil per 8 oz cup. Your infused caffeine shots will not be cheap, an 8 oz bag of whole coffee beans retails for $36, but according to the press release, the oil comes from “only the cleanest American-sourced hemp.”

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3Dom releases first-of-its-kind coffee 3D printed filament


The burning of fossil fuels and plastic waste are devastating to the planet.  3D printing has the opportunity to move away from non-toxic, non-petroleum-based plastics from the get-go and 3Dom is on a mission to produce environmentally friendly filament.  Their latest is called “Wound Up” and, to put the third ‘r’ in “reduce, reuse, and recycle”, the material is made from recycled coffee grounds.

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When is the most effective time to drink coffee?

Some desperately need–their morning coffee.

When is the best time to drink your cup of coffee? it is probably not a good idea to drink part of your daily dose of caffeine in the afternoon. Especially if you have problems sleeping. But, have you ever drink your cup of coffee and felt like it just didn’t work?

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Drinking coffee may lower suicide risk by 50%

Caffeine may also act as a mild antidepressant.

Good news for coffee drinkers. According to a new study by the Harvard School of Public Health, subjects who drank two to four cups of coffee daily were 50 percent less likely to commit suicide. This was observed in comparison to those who drink decaffeinated, very little, or no coffee.



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What does your choice of coffee say about you?

What is your favorite coffee and what does it say about you?

People are always tying to figure out how to label themselves.  We are going to take a closer look at what your choice of coffee says about you, and how you can subconsciously tell people you are more sophisticated (or whatever you want to say about yourself). (Infographic)



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Bored workers turn to chocolate, coffee and booze: study


Employers need to take steps to reduce employee boredom and encourage healthy eating.

Are you reading this because you are bored at work?  New research suggests that you are probably also munching on chocolate and guzzling coffee.  And an after-work beer doesn’t sound bad either, does it?

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