Denver becomes first U.S. city to decriminalize “Magic Mushrooms”



This week, Denver, CO became the first city in the United States to decriminalize psilocybin, a compound with hallucinogenic properties that occurs in some mushrooms — a move that could signal new frontiers both in the country’s evolving relationship with mind-altering substances and in the medical community’s accelerating exploration of psychedelics.

“Because psilocybin has such tremendous medical potential, there’s no reason individuals should be criminalized for using something that grows naturally,” said Kevin Matthews, the director of the campaign to legalize psilocybin in Denver, in an interview with the New York Times.

The new law passed by a narrow margin, according to the Times, of less than 2,000 votes. It doesn’t entirely legalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms, but it makes the prosecution of possession and cultivation of them an extremely low-priority offense.

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9 Reasons Every Online Marketer Should Learn Code

Learn to code 3dg5

You’ve heard it said before that learning how to code is an important skill for everyone today. But maybe, as an online marketer – SEO expert, SMM expert or PPC/SEM expert – you probably don’t think that applies to you. Surely you can do your job just as effectively without having to know the basics of web development, right?

Wrong. Having even the most basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can make a significant difference to your career. It’s not just for web designers and developers or other tech-inclined people. In truth, everyone can benefit from having a little coding knowledge, from small business owners and sales managers to event coordinators and even magicians. Provided you use the Internet to conduct some of your business – and that’s virtually everyone over the age of five.

Below are nine areas you can apply your coding to your marketing career:

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The life of the nation’s first marijuana critic

jake brown

Marijuana critic, Jake Brown

Seated in a yellow chair, Jake Browne was carefully rotating a marijuana bud between his fingers. “I’m looking for bugs, mildew, things I wouldn’t want to ingest,” he said, leaning forward to hold the nickel-size flower up to the light. He paused, then took a sip of water from a cup with a Miley Cyrus hologram down its side. “This looks clean,” he concluded.

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Denver crime rate falls over 10% after pot legalization despite dire predictions

pot legalization

The most dramatic decrease was in the number of homicides.

Overall crime rates in the city of Denver are down more than five months after legal marijuana sales began in Colorado, despite dire predictions by anti-marijuana activists. Rates of violent crime are down, as well as burglaries, leading to an overall decrease in crime of 10.6 percent, according to the Denver Department of Public Safety.



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Why Denver needs to be on your tech radar next year

Denver, Colorado

Denver will become one of the few American cities that allows its residents to purchase and recreationally consume marijuana starting in January. It’s a move that is expected to create jobs and generate tax revenue. Denver is roughly 1,200 miles away from the heart of Silicon Valley, where San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is pushing for restrictions that will shutter many of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

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Top 5 reasons Denver is a great place for startups

Denver, CO the Mile High City

It has always been undisputed that Silicon Valley has been the start-up capital of the world because it is overflowing with investors, mentors, and start-ups in every stage of development.  But an affordable and laid-back alternative to Silicon Valley, the Mile-High City is building a vibrant start-up community.




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Denver ‘very stong candidate’ for new satellite patent office


Denver, Colorado

Under a bill signed by President Barack Obama in September, Denver is a “very strong candidate” for a new satellite patent office. John Bryson, the newly confirmed secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, announced the news Wednesday during a Colorado visit.


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Two men reenact Weekend at Bernie’s with buddy’s corpse

weekend at bernies

In the 1989 movie, Weekend at Bernie’s, In the 1989 film, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman play two men who find their boss dead and decide to hang out with his body.

What would you do after discovering that your friend is dead, would you (A) call 911; (B) contact a family member; or (C) head off on a Weekend at Bernie’s-style tour of bars and strip clubs, with the fun and frivolity all charged to the deceased?


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Patent office expansion would create a jobs windfall for Denver

Denver 546

A patent office expansion to Denver might serve as a magnet for companies looking to be near the new offices.

The U.S. patent office plans its first expansion beyond the nation’s capital and they have Denver, Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas envisioning the next Research Triangle and an accompanying jobs windfall.

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