Aviation Futurist George Bye to Speak at DaVinci Institute June 10

Aviation's Next Quantum Leap

George E. Bye, CEO and Founder of Bye Aerospace, Inc., will speak on the endurance capabilities and benefits of solar-electric powered aircraft as part of DaVinci Institute’s Speaker Series on Tuesday, June 10, at 6:30 p.m. at the DaVinci offices in Louisville, Colo.



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The Ryno – a self-balancing, one-wheeled electric motorcycle


The Ryno

The Ryno is an all-electric, self-balancing, one-wheeled personal mobility device that uses a combination of gyroscope sensors and accelerometers to balance itself. The microcycle has a single 25-inch motorcycle tire and reaches speeds up to 10 mph.

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The world’s first connected electric toothbrush

electric toothbrush

Kolibree connected electric toothbrush.

Kolibree has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its connected electric toothbrush, a product that first caught our eye at CES in January. The Paris-based company hopes to raise $70,000 by May 25, and it’s already reached $56,000 from backers at the time of this post. (Video)



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BYD Qin plug-in hybrid electric car is demolishing the competition in China


BYD Qin Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car 

It’s hard to keep up with the Chinese electric car market — it’s harder to find a good, reliable source for Chinese EV news. But wait, there were hardly any EV sales in China last year — not much has been going on there.



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Tesla could have a $35K car that gets 1,000 miles per charge by 2020


Tesla Model S at a charging station.

When Elon Musk was designing the Tesla Model S he wanted an electric motor that had the same horsepower as the most powerful internal combustion engine but with nearly-instantaneous torque. He also wanted it to be the size of a watermelon. Musk was told this couldn’t be done by engine manufacturers. So the Tesla CEO decided to build his own motor. The earlier versions of this had a hand-wound stator which increased winding density to help eliminate resistance and increase peak torque. Later versions of the stators were built by robots.



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Onewheel – an electric, self-balancing skateboard

Back To The Future 2 was the inspiration for the folks at Future Motion when they set out to build a new electric skateboard. Inventor Kyle Doerksen knew he didn’t have the Tony Stark-level genius it would take to actually whip up an actual hoverboard, but he still wanted to emulate the feeling the feel of riding one.



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SC-1 Biposto – a two-seater designed velomobile

Pedal power can be a viable means of urban transportation. Velomobiles and pedal cars like the Twike 4XP exist to show us this. Companies like Scuderie Campari, meanwhile, exist to make pedal power dreams utterly, totally, and almost inconceivably sexy. This is the SC-1 ultra-luxe pedal car concept for adults, and it is gorgeous.

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New York plans $40 million prize competition to create community microgrids

New York plans competition for 10 community microgrid projects across the state.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has put $40 million in prize money behind his push to bolster the state’s post-Hurricane Sandy storm resilience with community microgrids. But will that be enough to overcome the regulatory and economic barriers that have challenged efforts to create microgrids in New York?



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Giant car vending machine could steer people away from private car ownership

Kandi Technologies car vending machine.

The company, Kandi Technologies is based in Hangzhou, China.  They want to challenge the idea of traditional car ownership. In a country where air pollution is a serious environmental and health hazard, the company has created a giant vending machine that allows citizens to rent electric vehicles on an hourly basis. With a fleet of more than 100,000, Kandi already has plans to expand to other cities this year.



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Recharging electric vehicles on the move

Researchers have designed this proof-of-concept wireless charger for moving electric vehicles.

A problem with electric vehicles is providing power while the vehicles are moving. One way to extend the range of electric vehicles may be to provide power wirelessly through coils placed under the surface of a road. But charging moving vehicles with high-power wireless chargers below them is complex.



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